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Six Places to Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Whether you take a long black, flat white, mocha or a straight up espresso, indulging in your favorite hot beverage has never been a more popular pastime. In celebration of International Coffee Day (October 1st), has revealed some of the most loved destinations to satisfy your caffeine cravings, as endorsed by travelers*, and making it easier for coffee-lovers to unite and seek out the best hotspots to start their day right when it's safe to travel again. 


Considered to be the coffee capital of Australia, you’d be hard pressed to have a bad coffee experience in Melbourne. The cobblestoned laneways in the Cental Business District are a hive of activity with the sound of grinding coffee beans and espresso machines drowning out the morning commuters passing by. Why not take a leisurely Coffee Lovers Walking Tour around central Melbourne and its laneways to locate the city’s finest coffee shops and sample their brews. 

Stay in the heart of Melbourne at Vibe Hotel Melbourne and be a hop, skip and a jump away from Axil Coffee Roasters to get your morning fix. You’ll be able to enjoy your coffee – while it’s still hot – back in the comfort of your chic living room and ease into your day in style.  


Vienna should be a destination high on the list of any self-proclaimed coffee aficionado. Viennese coffee house culture is listed as an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ site by UNESCO so it’s in everyone’s best interest to help preserve and protect the Austrian capital’s best-loved institutions. Visitors can embark on the Wiener Melange Coffeehouse Experience to get an insight into Vienna’s coffee culture and visit the family-run Hawelka roastery. 

No stay is complete without a visit to one of the more edgy and trendy cafes found in the Weiden district. This district is a hipster paradise and also home to a park dedicated to the founder of Vienna’s very first coffee house, Johannes Diodato. Stay at the Urbanauts to ensure your experience is on-trend and Instagram-able.  


Espresso is the lifeblood for most Romans. Italians like their coffee strong and fast. Often drinking five or more espressos a day, a ‘drink and go’ philosophy is seen at coffee bars around the city. One of the most iconic and popular bars to visit is Sant’Eustachio Il Caffe. Serving over 6,000 coffees a day, they know a thing or two about coffee.  

Sip your afternoon espresso on your own private rooftop at La Maison D’Art Luxury Suite and enjoy the stunning views of the Pantheon nearby.  


Known as Mexico’s Coffee Capital, Coatepec is one of the largest growers of coffee beans in the region. Its humid climate makes its forests perfect for its traditional coffee growing methods. Those that want to know more, or to taste its local blend can visit the local Museo del Café or take a guided Coffee Tour from bean to cup. 

What better accommodation choice for a coffee lover than one that shares its name with their favorite beverage? The centrally located Hotel Casa Real Del Café boasts luxurious rooms and spa facilities in the heart of Coatepec. 

Ho Chi MinhVietnam 

Vietnam has a rich and varied coffee culture, with many areas coining their own delicacies including ‘cà phê trúng’ or egg coffee. Ho Chi Minh is home to upscale coffee shops and to more traditional spots where locals and tourists alike sit on plastic stools that line the streets enjoying ‘Cà phê sữa đá’, a ground dark roast Vietnamese-grown coffee often served over ice with condensed milk. To experience Vietnam's coffee culture like a local, why not join a Vietnamese Coffee Tour

After experiencing Ho Chi Minh’s coffee culture in its bustling streets, visitors staying at the Chez Mimosa - Boutique Hotel will also be able to get their daily caffeine fix back at the hotel with tea and coffee being offered for all guests daily. This chic boutique stay also offers a roof terrace with city views. 


With independent coffee shops rising exponentially over the past few years, London is a coffee-lover’s dream. Whether a commuter grabbing a flat white to go or friends catching up over cappuccinos, there’s a coffee shop or café to suit the occasion on every corner. London also has its own dedicated Coffee Festival taking place each year in September. 

With central London awash with coffee hotspots to pick from, the Hotel Cafe Royal is a must-stay for coffee-lovers. Located to the South-West of Mayfair and with Soho to the South, the property is positioned on Regent Street, with the city and its coffee-spots within walking distance of this luxurious hotel. 

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*Based on endorsements for Coffee left on as part of post-stay reviews