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Saintly Celebrations Around the World

Saint Days are a fantastic opportunity to unite and experience communities and cultures around the world. As we look ahead to increasingly popular Saintly celebrations occurring in 2020,, the digital travel leader connecting travelers with the widest choice of unique places to stay, a range of must-do travel experiences and seamless transport options, ensures that, however travelers wish to mark the occasion, there’s a unique travel experience waiting to be booked to make the day extra memorable.

St. Valentine

Love is in the air – and in the calendar! Saint Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated across the globe and usually takes place on February 14th, is a celebration of love. This famous day is usually associated with romantic cards, red roses, chocolates and even luxury gifts; however, St. Valentine’s Day has many alternative traditions around the world. For instance, sweet toothed Argentinians have extended celebrations to “the week of sweetness” which takes place in July, and during this time, lovers exchange chocolates and sweets. In Spain, the iconic day of love falls every year on October 9th, which is named St. Dionysius and men are tasked with gifting (and maybe even making) their lover a marzipan figurine. In South Africa, simple arts and crafts could have the power of bringing people together, as women pin the name of their secret admirer onto a love heart and wear this on their sleeve.

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St. Patrick

Would you believe that the tiny emerald isle of Ireland is the origin of one of the most celebrated annual festivities around the world, St. Patrick’s Day? This global celebration of Irish culture takes place on March 17th and is a day full of parties, parades, Irish food, live music, dancing and of course, lots and lots of Guinness! Aside from the festivities in Dublin, Chicago is famous for dyeing its river green in celebration while travelers Down Under in Australia can watch the spectacular fireworks show in Sydney, or for those in Tokyo during this time, check out the parades at the two day ‘I love Ireland’ festival.

Where to stay: In the bustling Temple Bar district of Dublin, where you are sure to have good craic, The Fleet is perfect for travelers hoping to explore this gem of a city by foot, as O’Connell Street, Grafton Street, Dublin Castle and the River Liffey are all a stone’s throw away.

St. George

Although widely celebrated as England’s patron saint and is seen as England’s national day (April 23rd), St. George wasn’t born in the UK. In fact, it is believed that he was born more than 2,000 miles away in Cappadocia (what is now in modern-day Turkey). Cappadocia also happens to be one of the world’s most picturesque destinations, steeped in history with its famous underground cities and its volcanic cones. For an unforgettable experience this St. George’s Day, head to his birthplace to learn about his heritage where he joined the Roman army, becoming a high-ranking officer. In recent years, holiday makers from around the world travel to Cappadocia to enjoy a hot air balloon ride across the spectacular landscape, making it a very ‘instagrammable’ destination.

Where to stay: At the Anitya Cave House Apart Hotel travelers will be immersed in traditional architecture where the Aparthotel has been built inside a cave that has been recently modernized for a luxurious and unique stay. Located in the heart of Cappadocia, Ortahisar Village, has been a homeland for Hittites, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and the Ottoman Empire since 1600 BC’s, a must-see for any avid historian. Visitors to Anitya Cave House will also enjoy the huge terrace to take in the mesmerizing surroundings.

St. Martin

St. Martin is a popular day, mostly celebrated by children in Germany, where they take part in a magical lantern procession in towns and cities across the country. Children spend hours preparing their paper lanterns in school or kindergarten and then gather on the streets to sing songs about St. Martin - which celebrates modesty and altruism. The tradition happens every year on the evening of November 11th. Munich is a great destination to discover how the locals pay homage to St. Martin as the streets are brightly lit with colorful lanterns. After the picturesque procession, restaurants are flooded with visitors to indulge in a traditional Goose dinner, so it is recommended to book well in advance.

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St. Andrew

This St. Andrew’s Day celebrate Scotland’s national day in its capital city, Edinburgh. On St. Andrew’s Day, which is celebrated on November 30th, the Scottish city is bursting with storytelling events and traditional music, with food and drink markets lining the cobbled streets. It is also a great shopping destination as the late November celebrations help kick off the Christmas festivities.

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St. Nicholas

If you are already eagerly awaiting 2020’s Christmas festivities, then plan ahead for the celebration of St. Nicholas Day which takes place each year on December 6th throughout many European countries. In Germany, stockings are swapped for old boots and children place these by the front door or fireplace, hoping to wake up to them full of presents. Meanwhile in Finland, often after feasting, locals take a trip to the sauna which is a unique Christmas tradition and is associated with purity to celebrate life. Elsewhere in the world, in several other countries such as France, the Netherlands and Sweden, the joyful festivities take place on the eve of St. Nicholas Day, and loved ones gather to indulge in a delicious meal.

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