Eat Like A Local At These Four Secret Restaurants

One of the most exciting parts about being on holiday in a foreign country is experiencing delicious food and a new cuisine. Booking.com did some research and found over a third (35%) of global travellers say a best secret they’ve found on vacation is discovering a restaurant that only the locals know about. These four restaurants will make you craving not only an adventure but delicious food to bite into.

Bohemian, Manhattan

Being able to eat at this exclusive restaurant will have you feeling like some kind of superstar, with limited booking this restaurant seats just 25 guests. Not only that but you can only get a reservation if you know somebody who has eaten at the restaurant before and can give you access to the secret phone number. Bohemian boasts a creative fusion between Japanese, American and French cuisine to keep all tastes satisfied.

Treintasillas, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires witnessed a rise in closed-door restaurants over a decade ago named Puetras Cerradas. Treintasillas was one of the first mystery restaurants to appear and was nothing short of exclusive (and still is), as travellers need to email the head chef Ezequiel Gallardo to make a reservation in this romantic restaurant. The public does not have access to the address and phone number online. Talk about a secret for the locals!

Grotta Palazzese, Italy

When you envision a secret and secluded dinner spot, your mind probably couldn’t go much further than dining in a cave. The Grotta Palazzese is a romantic spot nestled inside a natural cave located in Polignao a Mare, Italy. This one of a kind dining experience will be one to remember, indulging in divine Italian cuisine overlooking the waves lapping at the cliffs edge.

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Phillipines

Who says a unique dining experience always has to be about the food? Labassin Waterfall Restaurant in the Philippine’s is a secret spot that can guarantee a one of a kind experience for its guests, as it’s nestled among a real-life flowing waterfall. Serving authentic local cuisine and sporting traditional bamboo tables, you’ll get a true taste of the Philippine’s whilst being able to dip your toes in the fresh flowing water to escape the humidity. The best part is that the waterfall acts as a natural air conditioner!