Upgrade Your Vacation Look: Exclusive Tips from Christian Cowan

What pairs best with travel? Why, a perfect vacation wardrobe of course! It’s not enough to merely visit a stylish destination. Canadians are fully immersing themselves in local style.

Travelling is the perfect opportunity to get inspired. According to a study by, the global leader in connecting travellers with incredible and unique places to stay, 2 in 5 (39%) Canadians care more about their appearance while on vacation than at home.

So get ready to pack with the goal of embracing your style with confidence! 42% of Canadian travellers say that wearing a vacation wardrobe is their secret to vacation confidence, so why not strut your stuff while taking in the sights?

Christian Cowan, designer to the stars and most recently known for his bold styling of Cardi B at Paris Fashion Week, has let us in on his best tips to make the most out of your chic getaway. From taking in local inspiration to impressing your Instagram followers, these tips will have you walking the streets of Paris, Milan and more like a runway model.

Embrace Local Style

It’s no surprise that what we see around us on vacation can transform what we wear at home. We get used to the norm of dressing a certain way back home but when we travel, our minds expand and we open up to new possibilities with style, fabric and colour. Watching the locals is the best way to get inspiration. Experimenting with local style and incorporating it into your look back home can make you feel like a new person. Whether it’s simply wearing your hair differently, trying a bolder colour or tying on a scarf in a vibrant local print—embrace it!

Change Up Your Look

A vacation is the time to experiment with your style. The environment often allows you to be bold and adventurous with prints, textures and accessories. It’s a safe and easy way to try out a new look that you wouldn’t necessarily wear at home, whether that’s due to a different culture or different climate. When it comes to vacation style, my one piece of advice? Go big or go home!

Hang It Up

We’re all guilty of getting “hung up” spending excessive amounts of time planning our vacation wardrobe. My top tip for packing quick is to simply keep everything on the hanger. I have all my outfits on thin hangers, so they can easily fit right into my suitcase. Upon arrival, I just pop them on the rail and off I go. Remember to pack staple items aka anything that makes you feel fabulous!

Let The Stars Guide You

TV and Hollywood fashionistas have always influenced holiday style. Who wouldn’t want to experience magical movie moments while on vacation? A strong sense of style help make the magic happen.

Jungle Fever

This year will be all about animal print and statement making colours. Be bold, vivid and exciting! Don’t be afraid to mix and match different animal prints together either. This creates a greater depth to your style and shows you won’t shy away from having all eyes on you. Sure, it’s a style risk, but one that’s sure to pay off.

Live in Style

I love to stay in fashionable accommodations when I travel, and for me there’s no better place to stay than at the notoriously chic Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. For a spa stay, Aqualina Resort & Spa is my go-to. The facilities are amazing and the view is second-to-none. Outside of LA, the Cheval Three Quays at The Tower of London apartment is also a favourite of mine. It’s a great spot in central London and close to countless stylish bars and restaurants.

Let the Globe Guide You

There are so many incredible fashion capitals! My top spots are Dubai, Las Vegas and Rome. Dubai’s sense of opulence is envied on a global scale, Las Vegas is the ultimate place to have fun and Rome is super chic and refined, just like it’s local fashionistas. I love visiting places outside the traditional style capitals. Some of these cities are up and coming and totally experimental, so it’s a fun environment to sample new style personally.

Shine for Social

When it comes to taking photos for social media, show people a side of you they haven’t seen before! Wear that new edgy swimsuit you just bought or statement making dress. Better yet, wear it with your hair up (or down) for a change! For selfies– make the most of your background. Pick an eye-catching spot and show off your holiday destination.