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Top 10 Extreme Stays to Inspire the Adventurer Within

Hello, daredevils!

It’s time to tell a story so bold, so extreme, that it will be passed down for generations. Head to the highest point of the mountain, deep into the rainforest, or out in the desert, leaving civilization behind to discover the world’s most exciting wilderness matched with awesome activities. After zip lining through the jungle, skiing/snowboarding down a cliff or learning survival skills in Africa, you can rejuvenate at the only accommodations in sight in these extreme locations, handpicked by from around the world. These diamonds in the rough will help you cope with whatever lies ahead.

1. Meet the Matterhorn

Jump on the train which takes you up 3100 meters above sea level, until you reach your destination. The highest lodging in the Alps sits proudly in a car-free village with views of the Matterhorn and a neighbouring glacier. Ready for a grand quest? Take a late night snowshoe expedition—the only possible way to get around this secluded spot—and be mesmerised by fantastic views of the Milky Way and planets visible to the naked eye. 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat, Switzerland

2. Off-roading in Oman

Communications:PR:Accommodations:Extreme Stays:Alila Jabal Akhdar:Alila Jabal Akhdar 2.jpgCommunications:PR:Accommodations:Extreme Stays:Alila Jabal Akhdar:Alila Jabal Akhdar.jpgCommunications:PR:Accommodations:Extreme Stays:Extreme stays Extended License Photos:Travelling in the desert - Extended License.jpgA rugged 4-wheel drive through the mountains takes you to the middle of nowhere… until you approach an extravagant fort. Set in the phenomenal Al Hajar Mountains, exploration of this ancient land leads to the discovery of historic forts, castles, mosques and more UNESCO heritage sites. Strap on your boots and head in the other direction to experience Oman’s magnificent untouched beauty in the rugged terrain. Alila Jabal Akhdar, Oman

3. Time to Explora Chile

Walk outside and pause for a moment to soak up the majestic mountains that serve as a backdrop for painting your perfect adventure. This 5 star hotel is situated in the middle of Torres del Paine National Park, offering you the finest views of glorious Patagonia. To help you get started, Explora Patagonia offers more than 50 explorations on foot, horseback, bicycle or boat! Far from typical tracks, you are led by trailblazers who thrive off of creating new and exciting routes. Explora Patagonia, Chile

4. Misty eye of the mountain below

Communications:PR:Accommodations:Extreme Stays:Felsenhotel La Claustra:Felsenhotel La Claustra 2.jpgCommunications:PR:Accommodations:Extreme Stays:Felsenhotel La Claustra:Felsenhotel La Claustra.jpgCommunications:PR:Accommodations:Extreme Stays:Felsenhotel La Claustra:Felsenhotel La Claustra 1.jpgYou won’t see fire inside this mountain, but you can certainly have a Dwarf’s adventure. Deep into the mountains of Switzerland, below the surface, lies the Felsenhotel La Clauustra. After spending your day trekking through the Swiss Alps, go below the rocks and follow the tunnel to explore the luxurious wonders of your cave stay. Felsenhotel La Clauustra, Switzerland 

5. The ultimate slope

Communications:PR:Accommodations:Extreme Stays:Hotel Jested:Hotel Jested.jpgCalling all ski and snowboarding fanatics! Here’s your chance to stay in a national monument and high tech hotel that’s only reachable by cable car. Time to get down the mountain? Lock-in and hit the surrounding slopes. Hotel Ještěd, Czech Republic

6. Majestic Mexico

At the highest point of one of Mexico’s most breathtaking canyons awaits a thrill seeker's haven. Survey the canyon by zip line, mountain bikes, the world’s longest cable car, tryolean (pulling yourself across the canyon harnessed upside-down) and more. This beautiful stay is packed with stunning views, perfect to capture your epic experience. Hotel Mirador Posada Barranca, Mexico

7. Icy Adventures

If sleeping in a glass igloo with views of the northern lights doesn’t feel extreme enough, add a husky, reindeer, snowmobile or tank safari. Need more options? How about a sleigh ride drawn by reindeer or horses. And for the exciting part, take your favorite mode of transportation and go “aurora hunting” (searching for the best panoramic views of the northern lights). Oh but we're not done, Kakslauttanen Igloo Village offers ice fishing, skiing, snowboarding, and icebreaker day cruises where you can ‘wetsuit up’ and jump off a ship into the ice. Kakslauttanen Igloo East Village, Finland

8. The Rainforest

Trek through Ecuador’s striking rainforest to discover one of National Geographic’s most “unique lodges in the world.” Situated in a nature reserve, Mashpi Lodge provides guests with an array of extreme excursions! Take a hike to enjoy exquisite waterfalls, kayak through the river or take a sky bike—a zip line on a bike—through the trees. Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador

9. Trekking and tracking

Communications:PR:Accommodations:Extreme Stays:Saruni Samburu:Saruni Samburu 1.jpgLearn to be a warrior while sleeping like a king in the heart of Africa. Venture out 200,000 acres into the raw wilderness and learn survival skills from a Samburu warrior. These are not the typical survival skills you learned at summer camp. We’re talking leopard tracking, spear and panga training, bush camp building, and even goat shepherding - everything you need to be a warrior and embark on the sacred journey to Mount Olokwe (the neighboring mountain). And because every great warrior needs a great rest, these epic opportunities are tied to the area’s most – and only lush accommodation. Saruni Mara, Kenya

10. Deep into the desert

Hop on a camel and journey through the desert canyon, far beyond the eye can see, until you reach your mystical tented camp. In this open range you can explore the surrounding dry mountains and reach new heights and limits. When the sun goes down, let the stars light your way back to exotic tents where a traditional Jordanian meal will be waiting for you. Salem Camp, Jordan