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The Top Summer Destinations for Solo Travel

Europe is second to none when it comes to the top summer destinations for solo travel.

According to research conducted by, Europe is home to nine of the 10 most popular hotspots for unaccompanied vacationers. polled more than 15,000 travelers earlier this year and here are the results: 

Paris, France

A majority of travelers believe the City of Light is the top summer destination to experience solo, and for good reason. Paris is home to a variety of accommodations, including bed and breakfasts where visitors are more likely to make new friends.

The city also boasts a plethora of markets and cafes where travelers can dine by themselves without ever feeling alone.


Solo trippers eyeing a getaway to Spain will want to consider either Barcelona or Malaga. These two destinations feature plenty of hostels where visitors are likely to meet other solo travelers and tremendous views along the waterfront. Both are worth seeing and are separated by just a 90-minute flight.

London, U.K.

London is a no-brainer for solo travelers thanks to its long list of iconic attractions, including world-class museums, landmarks and art galleries. A summer visit means more time outdoors, so get acclimated to the city with a walking tour, bike rental or bus ride.

Vienna, Austria

Solo travelers who are passionate about art and architecture should have the Austrian capital of Vienna high on their bucket list. Be sure to take in the Imperial Palace and don't leave without sampling one of the city's renowned coffee drinks.


You can't go wrong with a solo trip to Italy, especially in Venice or Rome. These two Italian cities are different but similar in that you don't need anyone else to enjoy them. Accessibility and friendly locals stand out in Venice while Rome's countless attractions mean solo travelers aren't likely to run out of things to see or do.

Sydney, Australia

The lone destination outside of Europe to make the cut, Sydney is home to beautiful beaches, parks and innovative restaurants. Plus, the average temperature is quite pleasant this time of year so spending all day outside shouldn't be an issue. Friendly locals and a laid-back atmosphere add to Sydney's charm.

Zurich, Switzerland

The Little Big City is very walkable, and public transportation operates at a high level so getting around by yourself should be a breeze. If you're not sure when to visit, try planning a mid-August trip to experience the Street Parade, which is the most attended technoparade in Europe.

Berlin, Germany

Americans touring Berlin solo can do so confidently knowing that English is prevalent and locals are as friendly as they come. Berlin's nightlife is limitless, and you'll need plenty of time to explore all of the history, art and culture the city has to offer.