Europe/Amsterdam reveals top holiday-inspired interiors trends

  • ‘Scandinavian simplicity’ tops the list of holiday-inspired interior trends in poll of Thai travellers
  • Five of the top design trends have been brought to life in visual form by and Render Atelier, a creative 3D architectural and interior design rendering boutique, to provide inspiration to those looking to bring their holidays back home with them

A peaceful state of mind on holiday isn’t only achieved by visiting a tranquil destination. Staying in a holiday accommodation with great interior design has a positive impact as well, with over two thirds (87%) of Thai travellers saying this helps them feel more relaxed while on holiday.

Wake up to that holiday feeling every day

Great interior design doesn’t only have to be enjoyed while on your travels, holiday-inspired interiors trends can very easily be recreated back home too. Research undertaken by, the global leader in connecting travellers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, has revealed the most appealing holiday-themed interiors trends as voted for by nearly 19,000 global travellers. Top interior design trends among Thai travellers are as follows:

  1. Scandinavian simplicity (81%) - This is a movement defined by simplicity, minimalism, utility and beauty. Known for its pared-back style, it has flawless craftsmanship at its core. Blonde woods and clean, streamlined shapes with curved corners recur in both architecture and furniture. Minimal accessories and plenty of natural sunlight also punctuate this style, which has been adopted the world over.
  2. Japanese zen (64%) - Japanese interiors are renowned for their form and function. Originally governed by the sparse aesthetic of Buddhism, the Japanese are known for their thoughtful use of space, with every object serving a purpose. The 'less-is-more' approach is apparent in Japanese interiors, as well as the obvious neutral colour scheme and warm, natural tones punctuated by straight lines and accented by manicured foliage.
  3. Mediterranean blues (58%) - This timeless style has you daydreaming of sailing on the ocean. The look invokes a feeling of relaxation and is mostly characterised by a cool, minimal but colourful palette. Beautiful, patterned tiles have long been a feature of this trend, as have natural fabrics and textures like white linen, solid timber furniture and terracotta flooring.*
  4. Country farmhouse (58%) - The country farmhouse look is defined by its maximalist aesthetic and is well-known for its use of chunky timbers, hardwearing woods and rough, natural materials such as stone floors. These all help to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. Nothing is too delicate to touch in a farmhouse, rather everything is slightly weathered but consciously chosen and placed due to its romantic and nostalgic qualities.
  5. Bold Indian prints and colours (32%) – bold colours mixing with exotic prints of the east along with brass ornaments add colours that stands out. This style gives a different feeling to the home – it is mood-changing and gives the true feeling of getaway.

Other holiday-inspired interior trends popular amongst global travellers included Parisian vintage (opulently decorated with beautiful antiques) and Middle Eastern elegance (colourful design featuring an array of fabrics and textures). Other popular trends are Bohemian chic (eclectic and unconventional style), City chic and the cool Industrial loft.


Inject a slice of your holiday into your own home

Most Thai travellers (83%) say that the design (or look and feel) of their holiday accommodation inspires them to do interior design work to their own homes. More than half (52%) say this inspiration is down to the fact they’re able to stay in accommodation with unusual interior design and the other half (51%) say that experiencing different cultures and ways of life on holiday also acts as a stimulus.

Bringing your holiday back home doesn’t need to involve a huge renovation project - travellers can easily inject a slice of culture and colour into their daily lives in more simple ways, such as purchasing home furnishing items while on holiday. The top items Thai travellers buy to take back home are local crafts (62%), local artwork (49%), kitchen crockery (36%), small souvenirs (e.g. fridge magnets) (31%), soft furnishings (26%) and ornaments (21%),

For those interested in undertaking home redecoration, big or small, has worked with creative 3D architectural and interior design rendering boutique, Render Atelier, to create brand new CGI imagery, exclusive to, depicting five of the interiors top trends, to provide travellers with inspiration on how to recreate these popular trends in their own homes. So whether you’re keen to be more zen or want to liven up your home with colour, there is something to inspire everyone.