Europe/Amsterdam Honours Outstanding Thai Properties

2015 Guest Review Awards recognize more than 3,500 Thai accommodations

BANGKOK, JANUARY 28, 2016 – More than 3,500 properties in Thailand have been awarded as announced the results of its annual Guest Review Awards. In addition, 21 Thai hotels, resorts and hostels received nearly perfect guest review scores of 9.7 and above.

The annual initiative awards properties with an average review score of eight or more out of 10. In 2015 nearly 300,000 properties worldwide were awarded with 262 properties receiving scores of a perfect 10. In Thailand, two properties came extremely close to perfection with scores of 9.9 including:, the world leader in booking hotel and other accommodations online, awarded properties in 196 countries worldwide. 3,520 Thai properties received an award with an average score of 8.5. In Asia-Pacific, 6,401 properties in Australia and 2,322 properties in New Zealand earned awards with average scores of 8.7 and 8.9 respectively.

The awards are’s annual recognition for their 850,000+ accommodation partners, reinforcing the importance of delivering great guest experiences for customers.

“Each and every award in Thailand reflects a long line of satisfied guests,” said Parichat Haehnen, Thailand Area Manager. “And this includes all types of accommodation, from major Thai hotels to island bungalows to urban hostels and countryside retreats. The one thing all these properties have in common is that guests love them, and gave them rave reviews for service that went above and beyond expectations.”

Another property in Thailand, Baan Jaru in Chiang Rai was ranked among the top 10 “Hosts with the Most” category of properties. The award is in recognition of the property hosts who demonstrate a commitment to go the extra mile to provide the best possible guest experience.

To help its property partners around the globe better serve their guests, has shared tips to create the best guest experience from the perfect 10 property owners. The video, as well as more information on the awards can be found at