BookingSuite’s New RateIntelligence Product Provides Access to Unique Market Demand and Rate Shopping Data up to 360 Days in Advance

Accommodation providers can now get started with reliable demand and competitor pricing insights for their property in just minutes

Today BookingSuite announced the global release of RateIntelligence, a new market intelligence tool that empowers accommodation partners of to make smart pricing decisions in real time through instant access to market demand data and competitor rate information up to a year into the future. RateIntelligence is the latest innovation of BookingSuite, a company within the group of companies dedicated to empowering accommodation providers with smart, powerful technology that enables them to serve the needs of their customers and at the same time help them grow their businesses.

RateIntelligence is the only tool of its kind to provide accommodation providers with daily updates on market demand data and rate shopping insights for their property 360 days in advance. In addition, through a launch promotion, partners who sign up for RateIntelligence before September 30 2016 can enjoy free access to the product for as long as they remain a partner.

"Accommodation providers today are eager for tools that enable them to respond in real-time to market and competitive shifts,” said Rob Ransom, Global Director of BookingSuite. “With RateIntelligence, our partners now have easy access to a product that enables them to make better pricing decisions in less time.”

The tool does not require an XML or PMS connection, features an easy-to-use calendar overview, on-demand updates, and automatically refreshed data along the following timelines:

  • For the next 15 days (every hour)
  • For the next 360 days (every day)

The BookingSuite platform integrates with numerous reservation systems, channel managers, social media channels, and property management systems to help accommodation providers thrive in a fast-paced, increasingly complex, digital world. Like all of BookingSuite’s cloud-based products, RateIntelligence is easy to set up, easy to use, and absolutely risk free. There is no software installation required and accommodation providers are free to cancel at any time if not 100% satisfied with the product. For more information, please visit