Hotel Cancellations puts customers at the centre of everything we do, therefore we make it our absolute priority to fix any issues as quickly as possible. 

When a customer makes a booking via, their booking confirmation serves as an agreement between that customer and the property they have booked. 

In very rare cases, when an issue arises, we immediately step in to investigate and try to find a satisfactory resolution for all parties involved. This is exactly what we are doing now. 

Per the hotels’ agreements with, after the reservation is made there are only a small set of conditions which mean the hotel is able to cancel, such as if there are specific credit card authorisation issues. 

Regardless of the issue, our goal is always to resolve it quickly and satisfactorily for our customers, so that they can get back to planning or enjoying their travel as soon as possible. 

If our customers are ever in any doubt with regards to any aspect of a booking they have made via, especially when it comes to changes to their reservation, they should immediately contact our Customer Service team

They are on hand 24/7 to help, support and advocate for our customers in their preferred language.