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Six Delectable Destinations Around the World to Celebrate World Pasta Day

Whether you like your noodles smothered in marinara or just garnished with an artful drizzle of EVOO, pasta is a favorite all over the world. This crave-worthy carb even now has it's very own holiday, World Pasta Day, celebrated this year on the 25th of October. With 61% of global travelers saying that they pick a destination for its great food or drink*, why not go on a fab foodie getaway for your next adventure? To whet your appetite and inspire your wanderlust, we've put together a list of six scrumptious, and sometimes surprising, places where you can enjoy a delightfully delectiable plate of pasta.


Beijing, China

While made famous by the Italians, most historians agree that spaghetti actually originated in China before being imported to Europe during the 13th century. So for the pasta purist, a trip to the birthplace of the noodle is a must! Today, most noodles are still hand-pulled just as they were centuries ago and can be found in every street food stall and restaurant in China. One of the most famous street food markets in the country is Wangfujing Snack Street in Beijing, where you can indulge in piping hot bowls of noodles, crisp spring rolls and countless other local delicacies.

Where to stay: While The Peninsula Beijing is just a short walk away from Wangfujing Snack Street, there’s a choice of award winning restaurants and cafes within its very own walls. For a truly indulgent experience, spend some time unwinding at the hotel's spa, go for a relaxing dip in the swimming pool or work off some of those calories in the property's fitness center, before venturing out to explore some of the city's most famous landmarks, including the Temple of Heaven and the Forbidden City.


Sicily, Italy

While the noodle may have been born in China, the Italians have truly made pasta their own. From north to south, it would be hard to find a restaurant (or a household) in the country that doesn't serve their own unique variety of noodle, along with a firm opinion about the right kind of sauce that goes with it. This includes Sicily, where pasta is a staple of the local diet. Well known for its food markets, Piazza Caracciolo in Palermo is one of the most iconic on the island and is the perfect place to stock up on fresh pasta, seasonal produce, local wine and crafts produced by area artisans.

Where to stay: Cosmopolitan B&B in Palermo is the perfect homebase for your Sicilian foodie adventure. Located nearby the Piazza Caracciolo food market, the property is also within walking distance of the local farmers market, Mercato della Vucciria. With delicious local ingredients just steps away in every direction, you will be spoiled by the B&B's tasty breakfast spread, complete with homemade cakes.


Melbourne, Australia

With Italian as one of the most spoken languages in Australia (after English), the Italian influence can be felt in every major Australian city, but nowhere more so than in Melbourne. Lygon Street is Melbourne’s Little Italy and is famed for its premium pasta dishes. The area is home to some of the city’s best Italian restaurants, cafes and delis, and plays host to the annual Lygon Street Festa, which celebrates the long history of Italian culture and cuisine in Melbourne.

Where to stay: Just under a mile away from Lygon Street, Tyrian Serviced Apartments Fitzroy offers apartments with fully equipped kitchens (for the aspiring chef) and lounge areas, perfect for relaxing after a satisfying meal. If you'd rather dine out, the apartments have the most amazing selection of cafes and restaurants on their doorstep. There are also a number of local art galleries, Carlton Gardens and shopping hot spots nearby, so there’s always something to do.


São Paulo, Brazil

With the largest population of people with Italian heritage outside of Italy, the impact this community has had on the culture and cuisine of Brazil is undenianble. This is eptimosed by the varied food scene in Sao Paulo, with options ranging from the traditional to more experimental Italo-Brazilian fusions. Whether you're a purist or a pasta pioneer, the city's buzzing foodie scene will keep your taste buds tickled and delighted.

Where to stay: Bela Vista is one of Sao Paulo’s oldest Italian neighborhoods and is a recommended area for foodies. Just a short walk away from some lovely local restaurants, Loft Max Haus - Regiano de Paulista also has an outdoor pool, perfect for a quick dip before dinner.


New York City, USA

As Italian immigrants have settled all over the world, they have brought their home country’s unique flavors along with them. When it comes to Italian culture and cuisine in North America, New York is probably the first place that comes to mind, with Little Italy being the epicenter. This lively neighborhood in lower Manhattan is overflowing with Italian-American pride and numerous restaurants, where travelers can sample all of their favorite dishes, including pasta in all its forms.

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Manila, Philippines

Just like in Brazil, the Italian community in the Philippines has added a unique Italian twist to their home country’s national cuisine. Foodies looking for a new take on old flavors should definitely make sure to sample the nation's famous 'Baked Macaroni', available at every Italian restaurant in the country.

Where to stay: Manila Hotel is a beautiful 5-star hotel located in the captial and just a short walk from the iconic Intramuros and stunning Manila Cathedral. If you've had enough Italian-Phillippine fusion for the day, the Mabuhay Palace restaurant serves authentic Cantonese dishes, while the hotel’s deli offers light snacks and drinks throughout the day.


*Research commissioned by and independently conducted among a sample of adults who have taken a trip in the last 12 months/plan to take a trip in the next 12 months. In total 56,727 respondents were surveyed (2,000+ from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Germany, Spain, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and the US, and 1,000+ each from Denmark, Croatia, Sweden, and New Zealand). Respondents completed an online survey in October 2017.