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Looking for something a little out-of-this-world? reveals some of the top places for extraterrestrial adventures

2019 marks the 30th anniversary of one of the first recorded UFO sightings in what many UFO experts claim is the world’s number one UFO location – Bonnybridge in Scotland. In this instance, a red object appeared in the sky and made its way towards a fire crew who were treating a blaze, before flying off and being replaced by a second object that hovered above a nearby Loch. In honor of this anniversary and to celebrate all things out-of-this-world,, the global leader in connecting travelers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, has delved into its more than 28 million listings in over 148,000 destinations around the globe to unearth more of the top locations around the world to hunt for extraterrestrial life, along with some great suggestions for places to stay (or hide in!) while visiting.

Bonnybridge, United Kingdom

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Bonnybridge in Scotland became notorious for UFO sightings and experts claim that this is the world’s number one location for UFOs, with around 300 reported sightings a year! Bonnybridge itself is a small town, but for anyone keen to brush up on their history as well as spotting some extra-terrestrial life, it is also close to the most complete surviving Roman fort.

Where to stay: Stay in nearby Falkirk in the Craignish Apartments. The apartments offer free WiFi, meaning you can spend time reading up on all the UFO sightings Bonnybridge has witnessed over the years. There’s also an oven, microwave and coffee machine – allowing for a much-needed caffeine hit to be able to kick off another day of alien hunting!

Talca, Chile

If you're in the market for some UFO spotting, head to Chile as it’s one of the countries that has the most recorded UFO sightings. The country also boasts some of the world’s leading observatories, but it’s not just astronomy fans who can make use of them – they’re also great for alien hunting, too. Chile even has an official 18-mile UFO trail for those who want to spot something out of the ordinary on solid ground.

Where to stay: Stay near San Clemente if you want to try the UFO trail. The Barcelona Inn (in nearby Talca) is a Bed & Breakfast that’s a great option for those who want to relax after a hard day of alien hunting. Have a splash in the pool or a snooze in the hammock while reflecting on what you might have spotted that day. Before you hit the road the next morning for some potential UFO sightings, be sure to fill up with its fabulous continental and buffet breakfast options

Area 51, Nevada, USA

In the middle of the Nevada desert lies Area 51, one of the most top-secret military facilities in the world. Its existence was officially denied by the US government until the CIA revealed its whereabouts in 2013. Because of the secret nature of the facility, rumors are rife as to what exactly takes place there – with many believing it’s used to research extra-terrestrial life forms.

But Nevada offers much more than just conspiracy theories and boasts national parks, wilderness areas and of course, Las Vegas. So, if you’re planning on tracking down some UFOs, why not base yourself near Vegas and take a drive up one day? Reside at The Cliffs at Peace Canyon holiday park which is eight miles from Las Vegas. The apartments are equipped with a kitchen and living area, and outside there is a pool, entertainment area and fireplace - perfect for whiling away the hours and providing your own opinion on the conspiracy theories.

Wycliffe Well, Australia

With a lot of reported UFO activity, Wycliffe Well is the self-proclaimed UFO capital of Australia. It is a very small settlement in the Northern Territory. Peak UFO spotting time is said to be from May to October and its association with UFOs stems back to World War II when soldiers apparently started taking notes whenever they saw objects they didn’t recognize. Unfortunately, the book they jotted their sightings down in, was stolen in 1990.

Where to stay: There’s not much else to see in Wycliffe Well, so best to think about staying somewhere with a bit more atmosphere such as Alice Springs, and taking a day trip to Wycliffe. Jump Inn Alice is a great hostel for those looking to hunt the extra-terrestrial while on a budget. It offers an outdoor swimming pool and is situated near popular tourist attractions including the Reptile Center and the Olive Pink Botanic Garden.

M Triangle, Russia

Located hundreds of miles from Moscow in the remote mountainous wilderness is the M (or Moylobka) Triangle - 44 square miles and steeped in stories that seek to verify its other-worldliness - such as people witnessing hovering crafts and glowing balls of light in the sky.

Where to stay: Why not combine your trip with witnessing some other delights Russia has to offer? Perm is a city close to the Ural Mountains and has a wealth of cultural offerings such as art galleries, museums and a zoo. The Krasnoflotskaya Apartments offer a great bolt-hole after a day of exploring Perm. Situated near the art gallery, the opera theater and the zoo, guests will not be stuck for things to do should they not make it all the way to the M Triangle!

Roswell, New Mexico, USA

Rumor has it that in the late 1940s, a UFO crashed in Roswell. The US Air Force said it was a weather balloon but some years later, UFO enthusiasts claimed it was a conspiracy theory and said that the military had covered up an alien spaceship crash. For this reason (and even though the claim has since been debunked), UFO spotters from around the world flock to Roswell, and swap stories at the UFO Museum and Research Center.

Where to stay: Located near the Spring River Golf Course (in case you also fancy practicing your swing while you’re there), the Roswell Inn is perfectly situated for visiting the UFO museum, which is only one and a half miles away. The Inn offers a continental breakfast and free Wi-Fi and there are a variety of shops and restaurants not far away - for those keen to carb-load ahead of extra-terrestrial fun and frolics!