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Thierry Henry Talks Exclusively with Booking.com About the Most Important Night of His Football Career

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – JULY 4, 2016 – If you buy into the adage that 90% of winning comes from how you prepare for the game, then where a soccer star sleeps the night before one of the biggest matches of his life is part of what gives a champion his competitive edge. Given the current football frenzy in France and that over a third (34%) of people who travelled for sport in the last year say they’d prioritise going to a major sporting event over their own honeymoon*, Booking.com is celebrating the special relationship between travel and sports, and the magic that comes from experiencing that perfect place to stay, by releasing new footage from an intimate conversation with Thierry Henry. Visiting the very same hotel room where he stayed prior to winning the 2009 European Cup in Rome, Henry speaks candidly about his career, travelling as a world-class soccer player, and what makes Rome special for him.

“Whenever I think about Rome, I think about that European Cup final in 2009,” says Thierry Henry, Booking.com’s official ambassador for the 2016 Summer of Sports. “I can almost still feel it. Sometimes you almost think too much about the game when you’re alone in your room. But my family and friends were there — I felt like I was at home. You’re not thinking about the game. Is it going to be our last chance? Are you going to win it? The preparation of that game was just spot on.”

Thierry discusses the travel perks of having an international career and how his love of football continues to fuel his passion for discovery—even in a city like Rome which already holds so many fond memories for him.

“I travelled a lot, but didn’t always have the chance to visit the cities,” continues Henry. “Whenever you come to Rome it seems like there is always something that you’ve missed. You walk around, you turn, you look… everything is a sight. Rome is a great town. It’s amazing to come back.”

To view the full footage, including Henry exploring some of his favourite Roman neighbourhoods and even tossing his own pizza dough at a local pizzeria, visit Booking.com’s YouTube channel.


* Data was collected from 3,975 respondents across 7 markets. Respondents had to be 18 years of age or older and had to have travelled at least once for sports in the last year. All respondents had to be at least part of the decision-making process when planning most of their trips. Data was collected in June 2016 by Booking.com with the assistance of an international panel provider.