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Longing for Spring? Five Blossoming Destinations to Enjoy an Extended Stay

Spring has finally arrived, bringing with it the perfect opportunity to venture out and explore the world. With 40%* of global travelers expressing a desire to take a longer break from their daily routine, we offer over one million properties that can be booked for stays of 28 nights or more, up to 90 nights. Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation, and for many people, it's the perfect time to travel. In fact, spring is the second most popular time of year to travel, with half (49%)* of global travelers choosing this season to set off.

With the days getting longer and the temperatures warming up, we have selected five spring stays in destinations that Booking.com travelers have endorsed for Spring**. Whether looking for a relaxing retreat in Madeira surrounded by blooming flowers, or an extended city break in Spain, an extended stay allows travelers to discover more of the world at their own pace, and during a season that we’ve all been longing for. 

Casa Sirfantas, Córdoba, Spain


During spring, Córdoba sheds its hot summertime image and boasts mild and comfortable weather, making it an ideal time to explore the city's natural beauty. The vibrant and colorful contrasts of the season are on full display as the flowers start to bloom, creating a captivating ambiance throughout the city. With longer days and sunnier skies, open-air spaces become more inviting, simply wandering around the Courtyards of Córdoba in the Alcázar Viejo neighborhood can be enjoyed endlessly as the patios of locals are nurtured and decorated with Spring blossoms. 

Where to Stay: Located in the heart of Córdoba's Old Town, in the historical Jewish neighborhood of "Judería", which is believed to have been the childhood home of Miguel de Cervantes, the famous Spanish writer, Casa Sirfantas offers guests a comfortable and memorable stay in the city. This charming accommodation was built in the 16th century but recently underwent a meticulous refurbishment and now houses six fully equipped and charming apartments. Staying at Casa Sirfantas for an extended period of time offers travelers the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Cordoba while exploring the local traditions and landmarks, including Corredera Square and the Man-river sculpture.

Flowers Dubrovnik Luxury Apartments, Dubrovnik, Croatia


While many parts of Europe are still gripped by rain and cooler temperatures, the southern Dalmatian region is bathed in clear blue skies and warm sunshine. As the days lengthen, the city streets come alive with the scent of spring and a sense of freshness in the air. The gentle spring breeze carries the aroma of freshly laundered clothes hung on the steep streets of Dubrovnik, creating an enchanting atmosphere. In the lengthening spring days, nature invites travelers to enjoy walking by the sea under the green foliage of pine trees and appreciate the first warm rays of sunshine and  sea breeze, which grows warmer each day.

Where to stay: Flowers Dubrovnik Luxury Apartments is surrounded by sea views and floral scents and located only a few steps from a pebbly beach in Dubrovnik. Also only a short walk away from a promenade with café bars and restaurants serving traditional Dalmatian dishes, these modern apartments make it a great base to enjoy an extended stay with every essential need only steps away from the property. The UNESCO-protected Dubrovnik Old Town is a short drive and can be enjoyed day and night. 

Raon Villa, Da Lat, Vietnam


In the heart of the South Central Highlands of Vietnam, Da Lat is a picturesque destination known for its romantic and floral beauty. The city's cool climate, with an altitude of 4,900 feet (1500 meters) above sea level, creates a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere all year round but especially fresh in Spring as the city and surrounding areas flourish with Spring blooms. The natural landscape of Da Lat is a harmonious blend of hills, springs, and waterfalls, which form a charming backdrop for a memorable long stay break.

Where to Stay: For those seeking a comfortable and convenient stay in Da Lat, Raon Villa is an excellent choice, this Booking.com Travel Sustainable property is located in the heart of the city. Guests at Raon Villa can indulge in a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking and bike hire, making it an ideal choice to stay for those who love the outdoors. To be immersed in the full experience of Da Lat, Booking.com offers a Da Lat Guided Day Tour, where a local guide will share all the natural beauty and key landmarks in Dalat. Highlights include a panoramic view over the city from the top of Lang Biang Mountain and a visit to Truc Lam Zen Monastery – one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Vietnam. Additionally, Da Lat Flower Gardens, located just a short drive from the villa l, is a must-visit destination for flower enthusiasts this Spring. This flower park has more than 300 different flowers being planted to be enjoyed by both locals and visitors. 

Flowers Island House 2, Funchal, Madeira


Located off the coast of Morocco, the Portuguese islands of Madeira are known for their year-round warm weather and continuous blooms. For flower lovers, the best time to visit Funchal is during springtime, particularly during the Madeira Flower Festival. The Madeira Flower Festival, which lasts for three weeks (27th April - 21st May) celebrates the coming of spring with a focus on renewal, hope, and transformation. The festival features various activities, including the laying of carpets of flowers in beautiful patterns, shapes, and designs by local artists, as well as local performers dancing and playing music on Avenida Arriaga. In addition to the Flower Festival, travelers can explore the Flower Markets in Funchal, where they can find a wide variety of flowers, including roses, orchids, and birds of paradise. 

Where to Stay: All these blissful sites are only a short distance away from Flowers Island House 2 where a long stay can be enjoyed by taking a seat on the terrace and absorbing the city views from the comfort of this beautiful accommodation. Located on the beachfront of Santa Luzia district, is an ideal place for travelers to stay, as it provides the perfect location to access plenty of nature excursions like 25 Fontes Walk, Wildlife Watching Boat Tour and Monte & Madeira Botanical Garden Tour. 

Rivora Residence, Kandy, Sri Lanka


A major city in Sri Lanka located in the Central Province is the city of Kandy. Spring is particularly enchanting here, as it marks the start of the flower offspring season. As the first few days of April arrive, the city transforms into a vibrant hub of colorful blooms and sweet fragrances. The trees that line the shores of the picturesque lake in Kandy burst into a beautiful shade of pink, and their delicate petals fall in a gentle drift onto the still waters of the lake. This natural spectacle creates a stunning reflection that captures the hearts of all who witness it. As the flowers continue to bloom and blossom, the air is filled with the sweet smell of spring. The aroma of jasmine, rose, and frangipani permeates the streets, welcoming visitors to explore the city's many attractions and natural wonders like hiking Ella Rock, Birdwatching Tour of Kitulgala or enjoying the full local Village Experience - all of which can be booked on Booking.com

Where to Stay: Experience the beauty of spring in Kandy by staying at Rivora Residence. Nestled in the midst of the lush green mountains, this luxurious homestay accommodation offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys. With its prime location, Rivora Residence is the perfect base for exploring the city and its surroundings during this magical time of year.

*Research commissioned by Booking.com and independently conducted among a sample of 42,513 respondents across 33 markets (2,000 from USA, 1,008 from Canada, 2,000 from Mexico, 1,000 from Colombia, 2,000 from Brazil, 1,000 from Argentina, 2,000 from Australia, 1,000 from New Zealand, 2,000 from Spain, 2,000 from Italy, 2,000 from France, 2,000 from UK, 2,000 from Germany, 1,000 from Netherlands, 1,000 from Denmark, 1,000 from Sweden, 1,000 from Croatia, 1,000 from Switzerland, 1,000 from Belgium, 1,000 from Ireland, 1,000 from Portugal, 1,000 from Israel, 2,000 from India, 1,000 from China, 1,005 from Hong Kong, 1,000 from Thailand, 1,000 from Singapore, 1,000 from Taiwan, 1,000 from Vietnam, 1,000 from South Korea, 1,000 from Japan, 500 from UAE). In order to participate in this survey, respondents had to be 18 years of age or older, had to have traveled at least once in the past 12 months, and planning to travel in 2023 and be either the primary decision maker or involved in the decision making of their travel. The survey was taken online and took place in January and February 2023.

**Endorsement data from Booking.com based on the most recommended and relevant destinations by global travelers for Spring.