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Booking.com Spotlights the Best in Travel with its Traveller Review Awards 2020


From transport to accommodations, ranging from riads to rental cars and everything in between, the Awards recognize partners delivering amazing service and highlight the Most Welcoming Places on Earth

AMSTERDAM - 14 JANUARY 2020 - Today, Booking.com, the platform making it easier for everyone to experience the world, announced the winners of the Traveller Review Awards 2020, with nearly one million (986,449) Awards given across 220 countries and territories. Alongside a wide range of accommodation partners, in the eighth edition of its annual partner recognition awards, Booking.com awarded transport partners for the first time ever. The awards recognize these partners for their incredible hospitality, giving travelers an exceptional experience when booking an accommodation, rental car or airport taxi.

With many top countries and destinations continuing to deliver amazing service year after year, in 2020 the countries with the most winners include Italy (130,253), Spain (66,755), France (61,492), Germany (49,777), Croatia (42,763), United States of America (42,112), United Kingdom (41,848), Poland (36,793), the Russian Federation (36,296) and Greece (33,259).

“With nearly one million awards given across accommodation and transport providers, I am thrilled to announce this year’s Traveller Review Awardees, who are helping us deliver seamless trip experiences,” said Arjan Dijk, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer for Booking.com. “On our mission to make it easier for everyone to experience the world, we are proud to have a record number of our partners across the travel industry receiving consistently great reviews and representing the best of the best in hospitality around the globe.”


2020’s Most Welcoming Places on Earth

From a rural Irish town that is the gateway to the Aran Islands to a vast network of ancient caves in Southeast Asia, the Most Welcoming Places on Earth* are leading the way in providing amazing experiences for their visitors. Notably for the second year in a row, Goreme (Turkey) retains its place as the Most Welcoming Place on Earth, followed by Tatranska Lomnica (Slovakia), Phong Nha (Vietnam), Kobarid (Slovenia), Cochem (Germany), Doolin (Ireland), Taitung City (Taiwan), Schenna (Italy), Monte Verde (Brazil), and Lake Tekapo (New Zealand) - another 2018 winner.

To discover more about these amazing destinations, click here.

Apartments Continue to Satisfy and Exceed Guest Expectations

Spectacular growth in the number of Awardees continued this year in apartments, with this accommodation type topping the list yet again, making up nearly 40% of the award-winning properties globally in 2020. Similarly, for a third consecutive year, four out of the five top-awarded accommodation types are alternative accommodation options: Apartments (380,936), hotels (179,869), guest houses (94,162), holiday homes (82,241), and B&Bs (75,875).

While hotels came in as the second most-awarded accommodation type yet again, three quarters (75%) of all the winning properties are homes, apartments and other unique places to stay, including everything from boats and igloos to homestays and country houses. With recent research by Booking.com surveying over 22,000 travelers revealing that nearly two fifths (39%) of global travelers would prefer to stay in a holiday home or apartment over a hotel, Booking.com is proud to offer so many unique places to stay that provide superior hospitality.


For First Time, Transport Providers Honored with Traveller Review Awards

Creating a seamless accommodation experience for travelers has been Booking.com’s core focus for many years, but there is much more to your trip than where you stay. Whether travelers want to explore the country, get out to the beach, move around the city or just get home, Booking.com’s ground transport offering is helping travelers make it happen. That’s why this year, for the first time ever, Booking.com is bringing Traveller Review Awards to car rental and airport taxi partners to ensure that travelers can have the best experience possible, whatever their transportation needs may be.

This year, 2,931 pick-up locations of Booking.com’s car rental offering, which spans 160 countries and territories, have been awarded. The top awarded rental car pick-up locations globally include Alghero Airport, Italy (13); Menorca Airport, Spain (12); Krakow Airport, Poland (12); Adelaide Airport, Australia (12); Christchurch Airport, New Zealand (12); Stuttgart Airport, Germany (11); Paphos Airport, Cyprus (11); Cairns Airport, Australia (11); Budapest Airport, Hungary (11); and Coolangatta Gold Coast Airport, Australia (11).

Airport taxis, which are available in over 750 destinations globally, are being recognized for their outstanding service for the first time ever as well, with 2,114 drivers across 27 providers winning Traveller Review Awards. As 2020 approaches, travelers can look to these airport taxi providers to keep them moving on their next trip.


Note to Editors:

To be recognized with an Award, accommodation properties and car rental had to have an average review score of 8.0 (out of 10) or higher based on at least 5 reviews as of 11:59pm (CET) on October 31, 2019. To be recognized for an Award, airport taxis had to have an average review score of 4.5 (out of 5) or higher and completed 2,000 rides as of 11:59pm (CET) on October 31, 2019. Only customers that have actually stayed at an accommodation or rented a car can leave a review of their experience on Booking.com. As these reviews are never edited or adjusted in any way, travelers can reference them for an authentic account of what the real traveler experience is like at every place to stay or with every ground transport provider on Booking.com.


*Destinations were sorted by the total share of Traveller Review Award 2020 winners when compared to the total amount of eligible properties in that city (accommodation only). Cities also had to have an above average amount of winners to be included on this list (90 award recipients or higher) and were curated for geographic spread.