The 5 Emerging Trip Types in 2021

The global pandemic has turned travellers’ plans upside down in 2020. We only have to look at the indefinite postponement of the Singapore-Hong Kong air bubble to know that such uncertainty is here to stay; the impact of the pandemic will change not just our choice of destination but also the types of trips we’re most likely to take (if permitted) in the coming year. Here are the 5 Emerging Trip Types we're expecting to see in 2021 and beyond.

1. Solace in Solo

Our time at home has made us crave the world outside more than ever with 41% of travellers noting they want to travel more in the future to make up for lost time in 2020. The solo travel trend is likely to gather even greater momentum as our thirst to travel, which was stymied by the pandemic, will nudge us to take the plunge to travel on our own in 2021. 

2. Relaxury

The unexpected halt to travel plans for most travellers has meant that just being able to travel at all is a luxury, in fact, we’re sure a lot of us have pledged to not take travel for granted in the future. More so than planning a luxury getaway to a villa or 5-star hotel, planning a relaxing trip to get away from it all will make relaxation the real luxury of 2021. In fact, more than half of Singapore travellers agreed that relaxing trips are their most desired type of trip in the new normal (61%).

3. Breakaway Bubbles

During the extended circuit breaker, most of us have had extended time apart from friends and family. Distance has made the heart grow fonder as we realised that future travel is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with loved ones. In fact, we might realise while being apart, that talking to friends and family about traveling is one of our main inspirations to travel again.

4. Weekend Wonders

With many travellers feeling apprehensive that future travel plans could be disrupted again, we’d be more keen for a quick trip and may prefer a weekend break for our first trip once restrictions are lifted, showing the desire to be able to escape reality, even for just a few days. What's more is that three in five travelers would take the opportunity to extend any business trips to also enjoy leisure time at the destination. 

5. Food for Thought

Our desire to explore the world has not diminished but traveling abroad is still not on the cards for us. That is why rediscovering Singapore is the new way of exploring the world, with culinary delights being top of the list. With 25% of Singaporean travellers noting they want to explore new destinations within Singapore, have your taste buds at the ready to indulge in local cuisine, as we look to eat out more often with the money saved from not traveling abroad.