Happy Kids, Happy Holidays

From food snack packs to travel games and other insider tips, parents reveal the necessities to keep kids happy on holiday

Going on holiday should be an exciting and stress-free time but sometimes when you’ve got children in tow it can be quite the opposite, especially until everyone’s settled and acclimatised to their new surroundings., the global leader in connecting people with the widest selection of incredible places to stay, conducted research with over 12,000 parents from 25 countries worldwide to find out how they cope in those make-or-break first 24 hours of a trip.

When asked how they best prepare for the first day of a holiday, parents cited that the two most important things to pre-empt disaster were to bring travel games and books to occupy their little ones as well as having a first aid kit on hand (both 43%). Here are the results as a whole on tricks parents have to keep these kids happy (and themselves sane):











Yet as two in five parents (41%) believe that the first 24 hours of a trip can be memorable, it’s sometimes the trials, tribulations, excitement and drama that are the things which can really make a holiday special.




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Research commissioned by and independently conducted among a nationally representative sample, provided by Research Now. In total 18,496 respondents were surveyed (1,000+ from the UK, US, Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, India and Russia and 500+ each from Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Croatia, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Thailand and Taiwan), which included over 12,000 parents. Respondents completed an online survey between 27th April and 15th May 2017.