Hotel Etiquette Dos and Don’ts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re single, don’t despair, because we’ve got you covered. But if you’re in a relationship (with someone other than your cats) then you have a reason to celebrate. If you’re looking to book yourselves in for a romantic rendezvous, we have a list of hotel etiquette (and where you can apply these guidelines) to get the most out of Valentine’s Day.

  1. Be polite and courteous to staff. They know all your secrets, including how many little bottles of hotel shampoo you’ve decided to take as souvenirs.
  2. Unless getting caught is part of the fun, don’t forget to use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. But if you like a bit of company try out a B’n’B. As locals, B’n’B owners know the best places to hang out, you might even make friends with the other guests. We especially like the look of Birdwood House.
  3. Don’t indulge in the minibar and then go shopping to replace its contents—it’s not classy and the staff always know. If you’re having a staycation, and fancy a cocktail or four, try one of these bars.
  4. Don’t leave the room in a state. No matter how cray you get with your V-Day partner be courteous and clean up after yourselves.
  5. If you’re the adventurous type make sure you choose an appropriate safe word. We like ‘banana’. If you’re not really into that sort of adventure, spend the weekend walking and hiking your way around these gorgeous spots. Beautiful scenery and active wear will look great on your Instagram, you’ll get like, heaps of likes.
  6. Don’t think that just because you can’t see into the windows of the offices or apartments in the adjacent buildings that they can’t see out and into your windows. Remember what happened in Chistchurch.
  7. On that note, don’t ‘frolic’ on the balcony during daylight hours, surrounding offices are full of bored people keen for any sort of distraction. But if you like a good view, spend Valentine’s Day gazing at the views from the balcony of Cable Bay Views. Or into each other’s eyes. You know, whatever.
  8. Don’t leave the chocolate dipping sauce and whipped cream in the fridge. But if you want to share a sweet treat with your lover, spend an evening gorging yourselves on decadent desserts at Miaan on Fort Street or Milse in Britomart.
  9. Be considerate about the level of noise you make (seriously, no one wants to hear it). If you are looking for peace and quiet check out the Lombardy Lodge for that romantic getaway in what feels like the middle of nowhere.
  10. Don’t deny you both thought about knicking off with the hotel robes before checking out—the hotel staff will know it’s you, put it back.

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