Holi 2018: Six Vibrant Indian Destinations to Celebrate the Festival of Colours

Be a part of one of the most colourful festivals in the world by visiting India during the spring festival of Holi. This vibrant celebration, known as the Festival of Colours, involves scattering rainbow-dyed powder all over the streets while dancing with locals, tourists, and anybody else who is prepared to get amongst the excitement.

Booking.com has revealed which cities were most booked for Holi 2018, discovering what it is about these incredible Indian cities that appeals to travellers wanting to take part in the colourful festival on Thursday, 1 March. From ambiance and culture, to breath-taking sunsets and traditional local food, you won’t want to miss out on these places.



A city thriving with beautiful landscapes and cultural richness, Udaipur is known for its pristine lakes, religious temples and vast forts while keeping a balance between tradition and keeping up with modern day lifestyle. Udaipur is full of romance, with a gorgeous atmosphere, amazing views and the perfect place to bask in stunning sunsets.


Cochin is a thriving port with a vast range of influencing cultures due to their history of trading partners. This culture diversity adds to its bustling atmosphere filled with friendly people, shopping, churches, embracing a fast-tempo lifestyle and ambiance.


Being India’s largest city and home to 12 million people, Mumbai offers extravagant culture and entertainment including a mouth watering variety of street food, traditional music, local Bollywood theatre and thriving nightlife. This city will assure you will not find yourself bored during your stay.

New Delhi

New Delhi stands out from the rest with its diversity in landscapes, where ancient temples meet modern mega-malls and bazaars. The streets are filled with festivals, lights, music and endless street foods flooding the uplifting atmosphere. Become a part of the hustle and bustle and get lost in the madness of New Delhi.


Otherwise known as the Pink City, Jaipur is a fitting place to find yourself for the colour festival, surrounded by distinctly coloured buildings and is exceptionally regal thanks to the royal family that historically ruled the region. Overflowing with religious temples, historic monuments, royal palaces and many more attractions, Jaipur welcomes travellers to experience Indian culture and all it has to offer.


It’s hard to go past Agra with the breathtaking Taj Mahal taking the spotlight in India, this stunning mausoleum completes any trip to India. For a full tourism experience Agra has so much to offer with its cultural richness and gorgeous landmarks.