Unique Easter Celebrations around the World

This festive season, explores Easter celebrations in different cultures across the globe

Goa, India

To experience the traditional Easter celebration, head to Goa. The ‘Way of the Cross’ is a ceremony where devout Christians reenact Jesus Christ’s crucifixion in prayer. A wooden cross is taken out in a procession from the church through the streets with hundreds of people in attendance going to the homes of fellow brethren to bless them. The atmosphere of Goa during this period is festive with choir singing, dancing along with street plays. There is also a deep rite of exchanging colourful lanterns and the Holy Cross. Families come together for meals and children have a gala time with all the baked treats and attractive Easter eggs on Easter Sunday.

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Azaya Beach Resort: The luxurious Azaya Beach Resort is situated along the coast of the beautiful beach of Benaulim overlooking the Arabian Ocean. It has all the possible facilities necessary and its interiors are inspired from its Portuguese history. It is one of the best listings to breathe in Goa from the coast side.


Easter in Hungary is celebrated with more hearts and less eggs. Hungarian men serenade young women by ‘sprinkling’ either perfume, cologne or water over their heads, followed with a question for a kiss. These liquids are believed to have a cleaning, healing and fertility-inducing effect.

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Hullám Villa B&B: Enjoy long nature trails, with this villa located along reed belt of Lake Balaton in Balatonmáriafürdö. Furnishings in the property are made out of sustainable produce, same goes for the breakfast buffet. Easter eggs are hidden along the volleyball court. With a rain shower in the garden adjoining the villa, you can heal yourself as the Hungarians do this Easter Sunday!

Seville, Spain

Celebrating Easter in Seville involves a parade of 52 of their religious brotherhoods coming together to bring to the streets the death and crucifixion of Jesus, as paying homage to the Lord. There are also candle-lit floats of Baroque statues, each telling their own Easter story as well as a marching band.

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Gran Meliá Colon: Enjoy the Easter vigil mass without having to travel too far, as this hotel is located a mere 10 minutes from Seville Cathedral. Since the hotel is located at the centre of the city, you can enjoy this bustling part of Spain by exploring Plaza de Armas Square, Giralda Tower and Alcazar Palace to name a few. This modern hotel can introduce you the unique medieval architecture, coupled with a serene atmosphere and tapas.


As legend has it, the famous conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte and his fleet feasted on omelets as they made their way through the South of France in the town of Haux. Their satisfaction with the meal led to Napoleon ordering the townspeople to gather all of their eggs and make a giant omelet for his army the next day. Every Easter that followed since, has been celebrated with a giant omelet made with around 4,500 eggs that feeds 1,000 people, and is served up in the town’s main square.

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Château de Berne: The Château de Berne is the perfect place to go Easter egg hunting, since it is situated in the heart of the Provence Vineyard Region. This property has rooms with an overarching view of the garden outside as well as amenities such as VIP balneotherapy rooms, 800m² spa and Cinq Mondes treatments to treat yourself to a spa day. It also boasts of a gastronomic-style restaurant serves creative cuisine, prepared with local and homegrown produce.

Washington D.C., USA

Every year on the day following Easter Sunday, the President of the United States hosts the annual ‘Easter Egg Roll’ on the lawns of the White House. This tradition is believed to date back to the early 19th century, except in those days, children rolled a colorful hard-boiled egg with a large serving spoon.

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Kimpton Mason & Rook Hotel: Just a kilometre away from the White House, you can hop, skip and jump your way to the Easter Egg Roll. The hotel is also a four minute walk from Logan Circle, where you can shop for some of the finest fabrics in the area. Aside from being a pet-friendly stay, this property also has a 24-hour front desk and 24-hour fitness centre. Guests can also enjoy the rooftop poolside bar at the property.


Taking a less festive route for celebration, Brazil has a tradition of making dolls out of straws which represent Judas, the apostle who betrayed Christ. These dolls are hung in the streets and some people resort to beating them up. On Easter Saturday, also known as ‘Sábado de Aleluia,’ people across small towns sing out mini versions of Carnival to celebrate the end of the season of Lent.

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Vila Galé Marés: Located on the seafront of Guarajuba Beach, this huge resort is the perfect choice for a relaxing vacation. Some of the reasons to choose the Vila Galé are a giant outdoor pool, the Mega Kids Club, several dining options and the services provided in the Satsanga Spa.


The Swedes celebration of Easter is almost like that of Halloween. Children dress up as Easter witches wearing long skirts, colourful headscarves and painted red cheeks. They go from home to home in their neighborhoods trading paintings and drawings in the hopes of getting sweets in return.

Where to Stay:

Camp Ripan: If you’re looking to go camping this Easter and hunt those Easter eggs in the forest, this family owned is the right place. Camp Ripan is surrounded by mountains and is best enjoyed for the nature trails. You can also go skiing along the tracks and hiking if you please. The Tvättjärnsbadet Aqua Park is a good place to cool down during the Summer.

Corfu, Greece

In Greece, the dawn of Holy Saturday signifies the commencement of Pot Throwing. People throw pots, pans and other earthenware out of their windows, smashing them on the street. The general belief is that the custom of throwing pots is a welcoming to spring. It symbolizes the new crops that will be gathered in new pots. Others connotations that this tradition is derived from include the Venetians, who on New Year’s Day used to throw out all of their old items.

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Grecotel Eva Palace: Grecotel Eva Palace gives you a beach view, as it faces the Kommeno of Corfu. This place features a private beach, with all of its rooms giving you either a sea-face or garden view. The resort offers multiple dining options with varied cuisines. Its spa “The Elixir Rooftop Love Spa” features massage rooms, sauna and a gym.

Florence, Italy

Easter is celebrated almost theatrically in Florence. A spacious wagon adorned with different colours is carried through the streets by white oxen until it reaches the cathedral. With the sound of the hymn, Gloria inside the cathedral, the Archbishop sends a dove-shaped rocket into the cart, which ignites a large fireworks display. This is known as ‘Scoppio Del Carro’ (explosion of the cart), this is followed by a parade in medieval costumes.

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Ville Sull'Arno: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Same goes for Florence. This property embodies medieval architecture, rustic décor and long tables with panoramic views. For those really looking to go back to the olden days, this hotel also features a Turkish bath.


In Bulgaria, Easter involves egg fights. According to Bulgarian tradition, whoever comes out of the game with an unbroken egg is the winner and is believed to be blessed with success among all in the family in the upcoming year. Another Bulgarian tradition entails the oldest woman in the family rubbing the faces of the children with the first red egg she has colored. This symbolizes her wish for health and strength for the family.

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Therma ECO: Based in Therma village, this accommodation exudes grandeur. With state of the art interiors and spacious outdoors, indulge your family with a taste of Bulgaria this Easter. This hotel has a private beach front, along with aesthetic interiors that will leave you captivated. They have a 24 hour help desk to assist you with all your needs, and also provide bikes and cars on rent to explore the area.


Unlike most other countries where people hide Easter eggs for their children to find, in Germany you will find the festive delicacies are used to adorn trees and the streets. On some streets, you will find trees with a multitude of colors due to the dangling eggs.

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