Pack Your Bags, It’s The Marathon Season


Are you a fitness freak who can’t decide where to travel next? Then what if we told you that your next vacation won’t entail you to burn those extra calories in the plain old hotel gym? Yes, you read that right., the global leader in connecting travellers with the widest choice of unique places to stay at has curated a list of destinations basis upcoming popular marathons that you can participate in. Perfect weather, check. Good environment, check. A great marathon, check. So what are you waiting for? Pick your marathon partner or go solo, those running shoes are dying to hit the tracks!

Standard Chartered Marathon, Mumbai

Participating or not, this marathon brings the entire city on the streets, either running or helping the runners with water and energy munchies. It’s an amazing feeling running on the sealink and watching the Mumbai skyline, the view that you usually only see from your car window. Race categories offered are full, half, 10k and 6k. Tentative timeline for the race is the second week of January.


Delhi Half Marathon, Delhi

One of the most famous marathons in Delhi, ADHM was introduced only after SCMM’s success in Mumbai. The route is mostly flat and it is great to deliver your personal best timings as well. So get training to break your own record or set a new one for yourself! Race categories offered are half and 6k.


The Kaveri Trail Marathon, Bengaluru

Bengaluru is known for year-round great weather, but if you plan to visit the tech city in November, you have the great Kaveri Trail Marathon waiting for you. Starting and ending at Ranganathittu bird sanctuary, the marathon will leave you spellbound as you run along the beautiful canal of river Kaveri and green fields on your route. It’s time to amp up your energy to participate in the 10km marathon and call it a year by creating unforgettable experiences while you run.

Run the Rann, Kutch

There is nothing more beautiful than the route when you run in a marathon, and the Run the Rann marathon offers exactly that. But before you get excited about the idea of running on the dessert, you must not forget that this marathon is for the adventure enthusiasts. It demands strength, dedication and patience. You can participate in the 51 km race as 101 km and 161 kms race is not for the faint hearted and requires months of practice. So, wear those shoes and start drilling to experience the cracked desert land of Rann of Kutch like never before. The marathon is held every year in February.


Auroville Marathon, AurovilleIf you have never participated in a marathon, you might want Auroville Marathon to be your first as their motto is ‘Run for the joy of running’. Known for it’s beautiful forest trail run, this marathon is nothing but a wonderland and a little different from other marathons as there are no timings and no certificates too. So call your friend up and start planning this unique yet incredible marathon in the jungle with bird chirps and fresh fragrance of leaves.The marathon is held on the second Sunday of February every year.


Ladakh Marathon, LadakhHeld in September every year, Ladakh Marathon is one of the most incredible and thrilling marathons in the world. It is also the highest and one of the toughest marathons in India. The race that takes place in Leh has a mandate for participants to arrive a week in advance to get accustomed to the higher altitude. We know you can’t stop thinking about the idea of running by the mountains, rivers and valleys with local Ladakhis after reading this, so get set planning.