Horror movie destinations you can visit in real life this Halloween


If Halloween gets you in the mood to rewatch your favorite Bollywood horror classics, perhaps you'd also like to make a personal visit to their filming sites. While many movies are shot on secluded sound stages, has curated a list of real-movie locations that brave souls can seek out on their own. From a spooky hotel in Ooty to a village in Maharashtra, here is a list of locations from some of Bollywood's scariest films where one can celebrate an unforgettable Halloween, quite literally! Good luck if you end up encountering some of the ghosts and spirits they house

Taj Mahal Fort, BhopalPut on your detective coat, and stuff in extra food and batteries as you venture North to find out for yourself if the haunted locations in Rajkummar Rao starrer Stree were for real or not? Released in 2018, Horror comedy Stree made it difficult for viewers to go back home and sleep alone. Much to it’s interest, the director and the cast of the film shot at haunted locations to bring the cast’s real expressions and emotions. The movie was shot at the Taj Mahal Fort in Bhopal, which is known to be quite haunted and possesses negative energy. So after visiting the national parks and beautiful lakes in Bhopal, take a detour to this fort to get a firsthand haunted experience.

Tumbbad village, MaharashtraReleased last year, Indian horror psychological thriller Tumbbad, was shot in a remote village called Tumbbad. This tiny hamlet is situated in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, and is one such location that you must visit this Halloween. Why? Local people in the village say that there is an ancient treasure that’s buried deep underground at some prominent region in the village but no one knows the exact location. Or more so, people are afraid of speaking about it because of reasons unknown. So pack your bags to dig deeper into the thrilling stories of Tumbbad.

Fern Hill Hotel, OotyBipashu Basu starrer Raaz is one horror movie that everyone remembers. Most scenes of the movie were shot at Fern Hill Hotel, Ooty and ever since the release of the film, the hotel has attracted a lot of tourists. This eerie building has a reputation of being haunted in real life, with stories of strange noises being heard in the dead of the night. The hotel is shut for over a decade now, no points for guessing why!

Tulip Star, MumbaiCan the city of dreams haunt you? Find for yourself. Spend a couple of hours at Hotel Tulip Star in Mumbai and experience the chills. Released in 2014 and directed by Akshay Akkineni, horror flick Pizza was shot on one of the floors of this hotel. And if you have seen the movie, you must gather all the courage to be able to visit the place in order to make your Halloween a little extra.

Bougain Villa, Madh IslandRam Gopal Verma might have taken a halt in filmmaking but he definitely was known for shooting at eerie locations for the audience to connect with the story line. Sequel to RGV’S 2008 film Phoonk, horror flick Phoonk 2 was shot at Bougain Villa, Madh Island. The property owned by Mandira Bedi and her spouse is popular amongst filmmakers and is barely touched by locals and travelers. Fans of the movie can make a booking at Bougain Villa, Madh Island to get a real life experience this Halloween

Matheran, Maharashtra

A quick getaway from Mumbai could be in the hills of Matheran, Maharashtra where you can enjoy horse rides, some hot corn and a ghost story session in the middle of the mountains. If you remember the incidents that took place in Ragini MMS and want to relive it, carry your jackets, as the stories are going to give you cold shivers. The incidents in the film happened exactly around this place and the forests and hills of this area are best suited to scare you away.