Have you seen this pooch? This International Dog Day, Unique Indian dog breeds to befriend at these destinations


International Dog Day is observed on August 26th across the globe to encourage people to adopt dogs instead of purchasing pure breeds and also celebrating the unique varieties of canines that exist. In a country that is considered as the epitome of diversity, dogs are no exception; here is where one can find different Indie breeds across various destinations. On the occasion of International Dog Day, has curated a list of destinations across India where you can find unique Indian dog breeds. Have you spotted any of these? If not, it's time for you to pack your bags and safely head to these destinations to befriend these pooches.

Kumaon (Uttarakhand) for Kumaon Mastiff

The Kumaon Mastiff is a rare breed of Indian dog that belongs to the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. These dogs are large in size, have a similar aesthetic to that of Great Danes, are known to have a strong physique, and are generally used as guard dogs by the locals. They do have a habit of following you around, so exploring Kumaon becomes even better when you have a number of furry companions to join you. And while in Kumaon, enjoy the expansive, snow laden destination rich in biodiversity, lakes and trees. It is also in close proximity to several tourist spots including Nainital, Kausani and Lohaghat. You can explore camping, paragliding and fishing whilst in Kumaon.

Rampur (Uttar Pradesh) for Rampur Greyhound

If you are a person who is reserved at first, but can make for an awesome friend and playmate, then the Rampur Greyhound is your spirit animal and potentially your new best friend! The Rampur Greyhounds originate from the Rampur area of Uttar Pradesh and have tall legs, an athletic build and long snouts. While they may be one of the largest Indian dogs, these canines are very playful and gentle. A stroll down Rampur, and you will find plenty of greyhounds roaming about. The destination is a developing township that grew popular owing to the success of a hydro-electric project started here. Visiting the Rampur fort and Raza library can be on your agenda when you visit Rampur, while befriending the Rampur Greyhound

Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu) for Kanni

Kanni translates to ‘pure’, which is indicative of the dog’s biological makeup of being loyal towards their masters. These indigenous dogs trace back to the ancient villages around Tirunelveli, an ancient city located about 700 kms from Chennai in Tamil Nadu. Kannis have a slender frame, with flat ears, curved tails and strong jaws. They are generally shy, but very loyal and easy to train. Kannis are found in and around Tirunelveli. While in Tirunelveli, you can also explore tourist spots such as Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary, try your hand at pearl fishing in Thoothukudi or enjoy a picnic at Papanasam. While you spot the Kanni breed at the destination, it is advisable to enjoy their company from a distance at first since they tend to shy away from the general public.

Mudhol (Karnataka) for Mudhol Hound

Mudhol is a small town in Karnataka that is home to a unique breed of dog named after the destination. Mudhol hounds are one of the few dogs that hold several names to their breed, including Caravan Hound, Pashmi Hound, Maratha Hound, and the Kathewar Dog. These canines are large in stature and were one of four Indian dog breeds featured on a set of postage stamps in 2005 released by the Indian government. Along with spending quality time with Mudhol hounds, you can also enjoy this beautiful, quiet destination known for its unique Kannada cuisine, temples and churches as well as capture some scenic views at Gokak Falls and Lakkundi Lake.

Kashmir for Bakharwal Dog

Bakharwal dogs are another endangered breed of Indian origin canines found across the Kashmir Valley. Bakharwals are short in stature but also very muscular and fluffy. These dogs are an ancient breed that have been used as shepherds by the Bakarwal and Gujjar nomadic tribes for their sheep. While you go about sightseeing in Kashmir, you can have a loyal companion by your side. Kashmir has many different places for you to explore, and a lot of activities to engage in. A boat ride in Shikhara lake away from the hustle of city life certainly helps you get a sense of tranquility. And to get a view from up top, you can go for a Gondola ride on a cable. And before you head home, be sure to pick up local fruits, handmade handlooms, carpets, and antique vessels in Kashmir.

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