Edu-excursion: Travel to learn, explore and boost your kid's confidence


Travelling with your kids is not only a great way of bonding and having fun with your family but it could also help improve your child’s confidence, develop their creative thinking and social skills. Before the year ends, step away from the usual, plan a trip with your child and help them broaden the horizon of their experiences. Learning about different cultures, picking up new skills (like map-reading or languages), trying different food, and meeting new people will all help boost their confidence. So, get on to planning a fun edu-excursion for your child with the help of the list populated by below.

Holidays with your child to help your child learn to read a map

Learning new, practical skills can help boost the confidence of the little ones especially map-reading. Quiet streets with quirky, memorable, landmarks are great for teaching kids how to navigate. You can always pick a nearby destination for a quick weekend getaway road trip and go old school with a compass and a map, and let your little one do the exploring and navigation!

Holidays to help your child try lots of different cuisines

New food can be intimidating, travelling somewhere with lots of different options will help ease fussy palates into new flavours. And if that's the holiday you are planning, you can visit Rajkot, Kozhikode or Belgaum which are the top endorsed destination endorsed by travellers for food within India. Get packing to create a food travel trail and end the year on a satisfying note.

Holidays to help your child practise meeting new people

Balancing warnings about stranger danger with helping your child develop their social skills can feel like a never-ending battle. A family holiday provides a great opportunity for children to meet people from diverse backgrounds, in a safe environment. Plan a trip across your region of habitation to give your child the flavour of a different cultural environment and unique styles of living.

Holidays to help your child learn about another culture

Travel is a great chance to broaden your child’s understanding of the world, and help improve their language skills. Some of the best places for immersing your family in a new culture, as endorsed by our travellers include Chittaurgarh, Aurangabad and Gwalior within India.