Destination guide to budget travel in India


As travel picks up domestically, travel plans are still subject to a lot of shifts and changes. While the travellers have been eager to step out of their homes and experience places closer to home, they are looking for travel experience which won’t burn a hole in their pocket. A recent report by also revealed that 70% of Indian travellers believe they will be more price-conscious when it comes to searching and planning a trip following COVID-19. Keeping this in mind, delved into its endorsement data to reveal the top-endorsed budget-friendly domestic destinations recommended by Indian travellers, for everyone wanting to explore an affordable holiday within the country. So start planning as you set out to explore serene beaches, rich architectures, old-city charm and mouth-watering delicacies, as and when it’s safe to do so.


Chennai enjoys a culture noticeably different than most cities across India. It thrives on its lively shop-filled streets, affordable public transport and the beaming pride of the Chennai people, who are undoubtedly the soul of the city. Its pavements are packed with stalls and shops, selling everything from traditional clothing like sarees to delicious vegetarian cuisine. While big brands are available in the city, you’ll find the real bargains in the colourful street markets. Plan your next vacation in this budget friendly city which is home to some wonderful stretches of sandy coastline, including Marina Beach – one of the longest shores in the world.

Budget-friendly stay: Maroma Suites: Located close to Elliot's Beach, travellers can book their affordable stay at the Maroma Suites. The beautiful property has taken essential health and safety measures to provide a comfortable and safe stay for travellers.


Popularly known as the ‘Cultural capital of Karnataka’, Mysore is a place that beautifully blends splendour of history with the living vibrancy of the traditions and culture. This destination is also known for their authentic meals and extravagant shopping markets, which won’t be too heavy on your pockets. One can find affordable accommodations ranging from heritage hotels to friendly guesthouses or can pick a budgeted hostel for a longer stay. 

Budget-friendly stay: Roambay: Boasting of a lounge and beautiful garden, Roambay is located in Mysore, very close to Mysore Palace. This hostel stands out due to its architecture and interiors which offers a very cozy and homely vibe


Known to be the oldest city in India, Hyderabad is a destination imbibed with its traditions and cultures. From rich deccan cuisines and popular Hyderabadi biryani to age-old forts, palaces and mosques, there’s a lot to explore for all kinds of travellers in this city. This city is great for travellers on budget as they will find affordable food and transport, and be amazed with the experiences they can have without spending too much.

Budget-friendly stay: Olive Studios - Jubilee Hills Hyderabad: Located in a popular residential area of Hyderabad, the beautiful property of Olive Studios can be perfect for travellers looking for short-term or extended stay without denting your wallet.

New Delhi

There’s nothing more exciting than travelling to a city that offers it all after months of lockdown while keeping your budget in check. The capital of India has everything you need from mouth-watering street food across cuisines, to affordable and comfortable conveyance and the fashionable clothing markets where you can shop till you drop if your bargaining skills are on point. The city is also known for its historical monuments, museums and art galleries, and all of it is just a few bucks away, whether you travel from a bus or via metro.

Budget-friendly stay: Hiatus' Olden - Travellers looking for a quick escape can find themselves at Hiatus Olden, for a comfortable and cozy accommodation experience with an aesthetic one can’t avoid.


Pondicherry is another perfect place for travellers who are looking for a budget trip. One can hire a two-wheeler and spend days exploring the colonial buildings, churches, temples, statues of this beautiful French town. Walk the cobblestoned streets during the day and put up your feet at the innumerable cafes on the beach in the evenings or try out the French food around the city - there is enough and more to explore without burning a hole in your pocket. Travellers also have an option to stay at the Auroville ashram which costs a negligible amount of money and soak in the colonial ambiance of the city.

Budget-friendly stay: Mel Ville - Situated close to popular attractions like the Gandhi Beach, Aurobindo Ashram and the Ganesh Temple, the beautiful property of Mel Ville has retained the charm of a homestay. The property is also very close to Auroville.


Known for its incredible heritage, the royal city of Jaipur is a must-visit city in India. There are myriad budget friendly places in Jaipur for travellers to explore. Be it a cluster of majestic temples amidst the Aravallis or palatial forts that once protected the city boundaries, the pink city is home to a range of accessible heritage sites and grand monuments. From street food to quirky hostel stays, Jaipur can be explored even if you are on a budget. 

Budget-friendly stay: Dera Rawatsar - Heritage Hotel: Situated in the heritage walled city of Jaipur, this boutique property will soak you in all things royal and make you feel like home away from home


A few hours away from the main city of Kolkata, lies the beach town of Digha. Travellers looking to take a short break can enjoy a simple and very laid back time in this city while indulging in local Bengali delicacies. Travellers can relax on the pristine beaches or enjoy the sunset as they stroll along the beautiful lakes. Relatively unexplored, Digha is a must-visit if you are looking for a budget trip to enjoy a peaceful travel experience

Budget-friendly stay:Le Roi Digha - Situated close to Digha beach, Le Roi Digha is known for the richness it reflects through its heritage and decor. Travellers preferring to book a stay at this property can look forward to breathtaking views and its hospitable staff.