Decode the mystery as you travel through these destinations in India


For years, scientists have been on a quest to discover life on Mars. Recently when NASA’s Perseverance rover securely touched down on the planet’s surface, we made a significant leap towards answering this mystery. While traveling to Mars will remain a mystery for quite some time, has curated a list of places in India that are known for its own mystery. So, why not add one of these destinations to your travel bucket list for 2021 and unravel some mysteries, as it gets safe to travel again!

Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu - Balancing ball of Mahabalipuram

A world renowned UNESCO heritage site known for its exquisite stone carvings and stone temples, Mahabalipuram is a historical port town located in the state of Tamil Nadu. This town is known for the 20 feet high and 5 meter wide rock boulder that weighs 250-tons and stands on a slippery slope of a hill on less than 4 feet base. The position of the rock is so surprising that it looks like it will roll down the slope but it has been standing still for thousands of years. Popularly known as Krishna’s butterball the locals believe that the rock is God Krishna’s butterball and that at this spot energy forces give way to the mysterious, the miraculous and the marvelous.

Loktak Lake, Manipur - The mystical lake with floating islands

If you have ever dreamt of standing on a land that floats, Loktak Lake in Bishnupur district of Manipur awaits you. Spread over an area of 300 square meters, Loktak Lake is known to be the world’s only floating lake and the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India. The Loktak Lake is home to a unique ecosystem called Phumdi (a Manipuri word meaning floating mats of soil and vegetation). Resembling miniature islands, these phumdis are found in various forms floating on the picturesque freshwater lake. What makes the Loktak Lake even more special is the Keibul Lamjao National Park which is the world’s only floating national park and home to over 233 aquatic plant species, 425 animal species and over 100 species of birds.

Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu - The floating stones of Rameshwaram

Known to be one of the most sacred places in India, Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu holds immense importance in the Hindu mythology, as it is the place where Lord Rama’s Vanara Sena built a bridge of floating stones called Ram-Setu. The most unusual fact about this place is that the stones used for bridge construction had the name of Lord Rama inscribed on them, and instead of sinking, they started to float on water. This bridge made of floating stones can still be seen between India and Sri Lanka from Rameshwaram. What makes these stones float? Well, it’s still a mystery that has to be unraveled.

Lonar Lake, Maharashtra - The meteoric Lonar lake

Located in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra, Lonar Lake was created as a result of a meteor impact on planet Earth which created a crater about 52,000 years ago. This basalt rock formation evolved into a serene green lake over the years. Scientists are ecstatic to know that this water body is alkaline as well as saline. The water of this lake supports micro-organisms rarely found anywhere else on Earth while its surroundings are peppered with fragments of unique minerals like maskelynite. Other than being a mysterious lake, the lake is also visited by trekkers and hikers. One can also spot migratory and local birds on their trip to this lake.

Magnetic Hill, Ladakh - Gravity defying Magnetic Hill

True to its name, Magnetic Hill is one of the most unusual places in India where cars driving up the hill get pulled up on its own. Located at an elevation of 3,352.8 meters, the hill is famous for its magnetic properties that pull a vehicle uphill, even if the ignition is turned off. While this sounds extremely thrilling yet spooky, there’s a scientific reason behind it. Many claim that this unusual phenomenon is the result of an optical illusion created by the gravitational force of the hill, you may believe it or not, but it's worth experiencing the thrill. Enjoy the perfect weather and magnificent view, turn off the ignition of your vehicle and enjoy the drive uphill

Singhad, Maharashtra - Reverse waterfall at Sinhagad

Located on the crest of the Western Ghats in Maharashtra, Malshej Ghat falls along the road between Kalyan and Ahmednagar. Perched along this scenic ghat lies Sinhagad Fort and every monsoon one can see a reverse waterfall near the Sinhagad fort. A rare gravity-defying phenomenon, reverse waterfalls are formed during heavy monsoon when water starts flowing upwards due to the high pressure of the winds. Other than a gorgeous trek and photo-ops, a visit here also provides the uniquely enjoyable experience of standing at the top of a waterfall and getting drenched in its reverse-flowing water!