A magical guide to lesser known snowfall destinations in India


Nothing can be more mesmerizing than watching the tiny snowflakes fall from the sky and cover the land like a pure, white blanket and winter is the best time to enjoy this magical snowfall in India.If visions of snow flurries warm your heart while the rest of the world dreams of sunny skies and tropical beaches: we feel you., one of the world’s leading travel platforms, has put together a list of lesser-known winter destinations in India to witness a magical snowfall this season, when it is safe to do so. Read a book, make snow angels, fuel bonfires and find your happy place away from the chaotic city life.

Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh

Kalpa is a small village in the Sutlej river valley located at 9711 feet above sea level in Himachal Pradesh. This untouched beauty located in the lap of nature gets dressed in white during the winter season making it look like a magical winter wonderland. During this season, tall overarching pinewoods are layered in snow and the apple orchards look even more majestic. While in Kalpa travellers can visit the Kalpa Fort, Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temples and treat the taste buds to some authentic Tibetian food. Snowfall in Kalpa is a magical sight to behold, letting travellers relish this enriching experience in all its purity.

Zuluk, Sikkim

Zuluk or Dzuluk is an emerging and relatively offbeat destination in East Sikkim. Located at a height of 9,400 feet on the rugged terrain of the lower Himalayas, Zuluk has a very emancipating history due to its link to the Silk Route. Covered in snow from January to April, travellers can get a panoramic view of the old silk route and the snowy Kanchenjunga peaks. The views of sunrise and sunset from the Thambi viewpoint are absolutely breath-taking. The first village within the circuit, Zuluk offers home-stay facilities for travellers. After spending a few days in Zuluk, travellers can further explore the destinations of Nathang Valley, Kupup and Tsomgo Lake located at a higher altitude. 

Lambasingi, Andhra Pradesh

Have you ever witnessed snowfall in Andhra Pradesh? Lambasingi, a quaint little hamlet located at an altitude of 1025 meters above sea level in Visakhapatnam experiences below 0°C temperature and chilly winds in winter, with a spell of snow sometimes. What adds to the blissful beauty of this place is the blanket of mist that envelops it at all times. The hills, the dense forests, the coffee and pepper plantations and snowfall make Lambasingi a must visit this winter. While in Lambasingi travellers can also visit the Araku Valley known for its rose gardens of different colours, the cascading Kothapally waterfalls or explore trekking and camping in the remote hills.

Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh

Mechuka, a secluded paradise in Arunachal Pradesh turns into a surreal destination to visit during winter as it gets covered in snow. From lush greenery to snow-capped mountains and bright skies, even though the temperature may dip quite a bit, the weather’s still beautiful enough to make the most of it! While in Mechuka you can also visit the Galling and Singbir villages where you can interact with the local communities and learn more about their culture. If you’re looking for a destination that is still hidden from the tourist radar, Mechuka is the place to be

Nelang Valley, Uttarakhand

A quaint destination in Uttarakhand, Nelang Valley is a rocky snow desert in the Gangotri National Park. Located at 11,000 ft., this valet hosts cold-barren deserts and snow-clad high peaks. This is also a go-to destination for experiencing biodiversity and catching a glimpse of tundra-specific fauna. And if you are lucky, you would get to spot snow leopards, musk deer and the Himalayan blue sheep. The valley also offers a stunning view of the Tibetian plateau. Nelong Valley is the last point travellers can travel before the Indo-China borders and one would need a permit in advance to enter Nelang Valley.

Lava, West Bengal

Located in West Bengal, Lava is nothing short of a paradise in the winter season. The picturesque setting is intensified by the lush cover of birch, pine, juniper and fir trees that are layered with snow during the icy-cold winters. This tiny hamlet also offers a breath-taking view of the majestic Mt. Kanchenjunga which is a sight to behold. While in Lava, travellers can explore the Neora Valley National Park or calm your senses at the Kagyu Thekchen Ling Monastery. Adventure lovers can go for a canopy walk or opt for mountain biking, rock climbing or trekking. This quaint hilly hamlet is the perfect destination for nature lovers who crave a magical snow-capped experience.