97% of Indians want to travel sustainably in 2018

  • Research conducted by reveals that awareness of eco-friendly accommodation options is growing expeditiously
  • 88% Indian travelers show a willingness to absorb extra cost to ensure they are traveling more sustainably in 2018

To celebrate Earth Day on 22 April,, the global leader in connecting travelers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, has released the findings from its latest global ‘Sustainable Travel Report’ which states that awareness of eco-friendly accommodation options is growing, with Indian travelers seeking to book more of greener stays than ever. The research highlights that 97% of the Indian travelers would want to travel sustainably in 2018 with 88% of them willing to pay an extra premium to ensure the same. The study also reveals that while 73% of the current Indian travelers always or often opt for sustainable travel, around 32% are willing to pay atleast 15% more to ensure low impact on the environment as possible.

According to Vikas Bhola, Head for the Indian Sub-Continent,, “Sustainable travel’ is a subjective term that has different connotations for different people across countries. Lack of information and perceived higher costs are two of the main barriers posing a significant obstacle to sustainable travel especially among Indian travelers. As they increasingly look to explore and experience the world in a sustainable way, we continue to look at ways that we can help make it even easier for them to do that, whether by highlighting eco-friendly properties or enabling people to filter their search results on This research reaffirms that sustainable travel is within reach for all of us, which is encouraging as we together strive to make a positive impact for a more sustainable future."

It’s good to go green

Proving that sustainability measures don’t need to come at an inconvenience, many Indian travelers indicated they engage in sustainable travel behavior because the activity itself adds a positive vacation experience to their trip.

Sustainable vacation activities that add to vacation enjoyment

Percentage of Indian travelers who do this

Buying locally made products instead of mass-produced tourist souvenirs


Being adventurous and using public transport instead of a taxi


Going out of the way to find a local restaurant that only uses local ingredients


Skipping tourist highlights in favor of less busy and often more rewarding sights


Opting for a unique place to stay that also a certified eco-accommodation over a traditional hotel



When it comes to what inspires people to travel more sustainably, it seems that travel itself is the biggest motivator.

The factors that inspire sustainable travel

% Indian travelers who found this inspiring

Being impressed by natural sights during their own travels (e.g. coral reefs, rain forest)


Noticing a visible impact of tourism at the destinations they have visited


Seeing the positive effect that sustainable tourism can have on the local people


Seeing the unsustainable effects of tourism in their home country


Feeling guilty about the impact their vacation has had on the environment


Overcoming eco-barriers

While perceived extra cost remains the top barrier for Indians wanting to travel more sustainably, 88% of travelers would be willing to spend at least 5% more on their travel to ensure it was as low impact on the environment as possible. Indian travelers claim to be the most willing, with 32% declaring that they would pay atleast 15% or more, followed by Brazilians (21%) and Chinese (18%).

Top Indian obstacles to traveling more sustainably

Percentage of Indian travelers who do this

Costs – not being able to afford the extra expenditure


Information / lack of certification – not knowing how to make my travel more sustainable


Time – travelling sustainably would be too time consuming


Destination – travelling sustainably would limit travel to less appealing destinations


Luxury / comfort – sustainable travel does not meet the level of luxury / comfort accustomed to


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