The weather isn’t the only thing bringing the heat in these 5 cities

There’s a couple people in every group of friends that like their food spicy. And by spicy we mean extra hot, middle-earth-level blazingly spicy. Sure, you can add Sriracha and jalapenos to every meal — but if you’re a true spicy devotee that’s up for a real challenge, we’ve got some tasty recommendations.

With 43% of Canadian travellers looking to be more adventurous with the type of cuisine they eat while traveling,, the global leader in connecting travellers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, has cooked up some of top places to visit.

Mexico City, Mexico

Book a trip to the motherland of tacos. This place will get your spicy senses ignited; from prawns doused in chili broth to Mexico’s iconic ceviche in habanero salsa, you won’t leave disappointed (or hungry).

Sleep off your meals at Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico, praised for the traditional restaurant that accompanies it.

Gaziantep, Turkey

Famous for its meat and mouthwatering kebabs, Gazientep will be a food experience like never before. Meatballs stuffed with nuts and chillies, or Beyran — a garlicky lamb stew that locals eat for breakfast, (you don’t need to eat it for breakfast, but you absolutely need to try it).

Oh, you’re a vegetarian? Vegetables can get spicy too. Antep Exmesi is a tomato salad and Mas Piyazi are green beans loaded with chilies and red pepper. You’ll need some water to cool your mouth down after these dishes if you have a lower spice tolerance, and yes, that’s a challenge.

New Delhi, India  

With almost 44% of Canadian travellers wanting to enjoy more street food on vacation, this may be the destination for you. Delhi’s scene is unmatched. At Chandni Chowk market, you can try spice-laden staples like Momo dumplings in red sauce, Shami kebabs, fried dough chaat loaded with yoghurt and spicy Pinjabi chickpea curry.

And for a real treat — follow the curvy lanes of Delhi to find Nihari, a spicy stew of slow-cooked meat to leave your taste buds more than satisfied.

Salvador, Brazil

This cuisine is heavily influenced by Africa, all cooked with vibrant spices, coconut and fresh seafood. The first meal you’ll need to go for in Salvador is Moqueca, a seafood stew cooked in palm oil and hot pepper (yum). Or try Vatapa: prawns served over creamy paste of coconut, dende and peanuts.

Chengdu, China

Have you ever heard of Mapo Doufu? Perfect. Translated literally as “pockmarked grandmother’s tofu,” this stew is packed with minced beef, tofu, fermented beans and garlic. Wondering where the spice comes in? The stew has heapings of Sichuan peppercorn and chilli oil ready to ignite the mouth of any spicy aficionado. It’s one of the tastiest (and spiciest) dishes out of the Sichuan province, and Chengdu is the place to try it.

Stay in a foodie neighbourhood in this city. The Jinjang district is known for its dining experiences.