Savvy Spending Habits of the 2019 Traveller

While access to unlimited travel funds is probably high on most peoples’ wish list, the dream tends not to be the reality., the global leader in connecting travellers with the widest of choice of incredible places to stay, used unprecedented insights from travellers across Canada to reveal that half (50%) of us attempt to be sensible spenders by making a budget in advance, but close to half (45%) don’t stick to it and end up spending more than they had intended to. This research also reveals how travellers will prioritize their travel budget in the year to come.

Canadian travellers will increasingly splurge on experiences in 2019. One third (33%) of Canadian travellers plan to spend more on experiences, entertainment and attractions in 2019 when compared to 2018, and over half of Canadian travellers (52%) revealed that they value experiences higher than material possessions, a trend that is set to continue with activities, entertainment and attractions the top travel expenses that Canadians are most likely to prioritize in 2019.

So, how can Canadians free up budget for all these new experiences? research suggests that travellers across the country are willing to make some sacrifices.

Don’t be Afraid to Skip the Tourist Highlights

Over half of Canadian travellers (52%) say they will travel as cost effectively as possible in 2019 so they can fit in more trips and experiences than in 2018. For example, a majority of Canadians (64%) say they are willing to skip tourist highlights if they deem them too expensive. It’s okay to avoid the major attractions in the destination you plan to visit. Chances are the bigger the attraction, the costlier it is, and many travellers who have seen popular landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Empire State Building or even Big Ben know that these aren’t necessarily going to make or break a trip. What makes a trip is your interpretation of a new culture, environment or experience.

Get to Know the Off-Season

Another trend that will impact travel funds this year is off-season travel, with 65% of Canadians open to taking advantage of this timing. Think New Zealand in the summertime, a spring trip to Greece or even an autumn vacay to the Caribbean. All of these spots at off-peak times will provide you with the same cultural experience at a fraction of the price.

Stay Away from City Centres

Take a couple days of your trip to head into the city centre to explore and get to know your destination, however, don’t be afraid to venture outside of the most popular tourist areas. Staying just outside of a city’s downtown core won’t deliver much different an experience than within, but can save you a lot of money.’s research suggests that most Canadian travellers are very open to this idea, with almost half (45%) of declaring willingness to stay in an accommodation outside of their destination’s buzzing hub.

Get Affordable Itineraries from the Experts

Another great cost-effective travel tip is to share your travel plans with the tourism authorities of your destination to get tailored recommendations. No one knows your travel spot better than its tourism board, and one quick email to them can deliver you a full itinerary of different experiences to fit within your budget. Over one third (36%) of Canadians are open to consulting with tourism authorities to take full advantage of researched recommendations from the local pros.