Europe/Amsterdam Showcases Just How Far Canadian Fans are Willing to Go for the Big Game

Whether you watch it for the game, the halftime show or the epic TV ads – the Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. And sure, our friends south of the border might have a reputation for taking the game VERY seriously, but you may be surprised to learn what Canadian football fans are willing to do to cheer on their team. 

According to recent research from, the world’s leading digital travel platform, 1 in 5 of Canadian football fans (19%) would rather cancel their honeymoon or risk losing their job if it meant not attending a historical game. What’s more is 31% would spend more on travelling for football than on their family vacations. Talk about commitment! 

With the big event just a couple weeks out, has highlighted the lengths Canadian football fans would go to get a front row view of the live action in Miami. Here are a few more key findings of this survey on Canadian sports fans’ dedication:

  • 95% of Canadian sports fans have completed between one and five trips in the last year to watch their team play live, with hockey fans being the most likely to travel to show their support 

  • 31% of Canadian sports fans happily admit that they would be willing to pay more for sports travel than their family vacation

  • 76% of Canadian sports fans say they would never leave a game early, regardless of whether they thought their team was going to lose – 40% stay out of respect for the team or players, whereas 35% stay because they will not give up hope that their team or player can still come back and turn the game around

  • Over a quarter (27%) of Canadian sports fans wear lucky charms when attending a game, while 18% have developed a superstitious routine that they always perform before or during a game to ensure their team wins




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