How Social Media is Influencing Canadians’ Accommodation Choices

With vacation photos on social media channels now being considered as the present day equivalent of the postcard, travellers are constantly searching for inspiration and individuality. To find this, they are prepared to venture off the beaten track, with almost half of Canadian travellers (43%) revealing they would like to visit somewhere that’s so unique, none of their friends have been there before., the global leader in connecting travellers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, has gathered new research on how large an impact social media will have on travel in 2019. Not only do travellers use social media to impress their friends and family, now more than ever, they seek inspiration for their vacations through social media feeds, photos, travel influencers and apps. The rise of social media has evolved the traveller’s journey, from the ideas and planning phase, to capturing and sharing the experience.

Once arrived at their location, travellers seek ‘Instagrammable moments’ to showcase their content as travel #goals, with 17% of Canadian travellers confessing that booking an attractive property for their vacation is a must, so they can take photos that evoke these #goals vibes amongst their friends, family and followers. So, it is no surprise that 15% of Canadian travellers plan to pick a statement accommodation in 2019 so they can seem like trendsetters and stand out from the crowd.

With a wide range of different property types, from igloos, to treehouses, riads to ryokans and everything in between, is best placed to help avoid FOMO and ensure Canadian travellers have a unique accommodation for their vacation…#WishYouWereHere.