Haunted Hotels, Creepy Hostels and Spooky Castles: The Ultimate Halloween Getaways

Before the coronavirus outbreak, 48% of Canadian travellers considered “finding thrills and excitement” to be an important personal motivation, so once people feel safe to travel again, this will likely be a similar incentive. As nights get longer and Halloween approaches, some travellers may even work up the courage to undertake the ultimate thrilling experience - spending the night in a haunted room. OOoOoOoOhhHhHH! has delved into its more than 188 million verified guest reviews to present a collection of unique properties offering some level of paranormal activity. From a “classic” haunted castle to a creepy converted prison hostel, has a range of spooktacular accommodations to fit every fright level. 

While we make no promises that you won’t be spooked, travellers can rest assured that they will have a safe stay as now ensures properties’ safety measures (such as hygiene, sanitisation, physical distancing) are clearly visible on the property page. With over 14 million listings on now having implemented health and safety measures, the platform is making it easier for everyone to experience the world, in the way that helps them feel most comfortable.

HI- Ottawa Jail Hostel - Ottawa, Canada

The distance in kms that Canadians travelled this summer was down by 71% year-over-year, highly favoring domestic destinations. HI- Ottawa Jail Hostel proves that we don’t need to go far to find ourselves an eerie escape from the everyday.

Starting its life as Nicholas Street Gaol, this former prison in central Ottawa has since been converted into a hostel. Although some of the rooms have been renovated to meet the standard of modern-day comforts, the hostel still has the original wooden prison doors and all of the windows still have bars. 

What’s more, some say that the facility still houses some of its erstwhile inmates: ghostly screams and mysterious noises are common occurrences. The most sighted apparition in Ottowa Jail is Patrick J. Whelan, an Irish tailor who was executed onsite for the alleged murder of a local politician.

Coombe Abbey Hotel, Coventry, UK

This converted monastery dates back to the 12th century, and if you dare to stay here you may catch a glimpse of the mythical hooded monk, or the young green-eyed girl who has been seen wandering through the halls, according to some. You can even embark on murder mysteries or ghost tours here, or dine at the glorious medieval banquet which is held every weekend. 

Q Station - Sydney, Australia

Today, Q Station in Sydney has been converted into a Visitor Center and heritage accommodation but is still known as Australia’s most haunted spot and has been featured on TV shows and in horror movies. As well as ghost tours that explore this chilling past, Q Station also offers informative historical tours and outdoor activities such as kayaking and snorkeling.

Tulloch Castle Hotel - Dingwall, UK

Tulloch Castle is located in Dingwall, the Scottish Highlands, and was originally built in the 12th century. Now converted into a hotel, Tulloch Castle is a unique accommodation with a chilling and historic past, having even been used as a makeshift hospital after the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940. definitely take the ghost tour, which explores the building’s many passageways and staircases, but don’t stray too far as the halls are said to be haunted by the infamous Green Lady of Tulloch. 

Hotel Paris - Florence, Italy

In a city as romantic as Florence, it is only fitting that one of the most famous ghost stories is also a love story: Bianca Capello, a Venetian noblewoman renowned for her beauty, secretly married Francesco I de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, following a longstanding affair. However, in October 1587 the couple died under mysterious circumstances – possibly by poisoning. 

Hotel Paris is a former palazzo that served as the meeting site of the two illicit lovers. Now converted into a boutique hotel, it is said that the spirit of Bianca Capello still sometimes wanders these halls, looking for her husband the Grand Duke.

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