Business travelers want to go green, but don’t know where to start

Business travel is a necessary part of many Canadians’ lives, though many find it hard to do so sustainably. According to a study, over half (52%) of business travellers want to make more sustainable choices when they travel but aren’t sure how. In fact, 61% feel their company should be doing more to promote eco-friendly accommodation options.

84% of Canadian respondents want to make their travels green this year. With this in mind, below are a few suggestions on how to make your business trip sustainable, based on’s Sustainable Travel Report.

Travel by rail or road

Travelling by train or bus has a smaller carbon footprint compared to air travel. When possible, travelling by rail or road will keep you travelling green. Plus, travelling on the ground allows you to do some sight-seeing.

Book at an eco-friendly hotel

Almost two thirds (64%) of Canadian travellers want to stay in an eco-accommodation in 2018. This often means only washing soiled towels and sheets, energy-efficient appliances and eco-friendly toilets. Properties like the Element Vancouver Metrotown put Canada in the top-five eco-friendly destinations worldwide.

Opt for public transportation

Generally speaking, the more people moving on one mode of transportation, the greener. Many cities have buses and train systems making it easy to get around. As a bonus, taking advantage of local transportation services will give you a more immersive travel experience.

Shop local

Not only is hitting up a local market or sustainably sourced restaurant good for your Instagram feed; it’s also good for keeping your footprint at a minimum. Less distance for a food to travel means less fuel used from farm to plate.