A Belieber's Guide to Celebrating his 24th

In 2008 he was discovered. In 2010 his first full length album debuted at No.1 and, in 2015 he won his first Grammy. So where is he now?

Well on March 1, our beloved Justin Bieber turns 24 years young! And while it may feel like just yesterday the Canadian tween broke onto the music scene, the Biebs was introduced to the world a full decade ago. In that time, he made the shaggy side swept hair-do a thing, created a network of loyal Beliebers and has earned well over $200 million from his music. For a small-town musician, that’s quite an impressive feat.

To honour his upcoming birthday and the last 10 years of Bieber Fever, we put together a guide of all things Bieber that any fan should consider doing to ring in his big day.

Discover Justin’s roots, and where it all started

A couple of hours outside Toronto, you’ll find Justin’s hometown – Stratford, Ontario. Every year, Beliebers from around the world descend on to this small town to get a glimpse of his life before stardom. The Bieber-iffic Map makes it easy for visitors to discover Justin’s favourite spots. From the steps of the Avon Theater where he first started singing to the Stratford Skate Park where he hung out with friends, Stratford is an important part of Justin’s history. If that wasn’t reason enough, the newly opened “Steps to Stardom” exhibit features an assortment of memorabilia including authentic Bieber shoes, clothes and even a personal letter from former First Lady Michelle Obama.

You won’t be “Sorry” after you stay here

Not able to make the trek to Stratford? Treat yourself with a stay at one of Justin’s favourite spots in Toronto - the Hazelton Hotel. The luxury property has welcomed the pop star several times through the years, most notably during his Believe tour in 2013. As a dedicated Belieber, you deserve it. Pulling inspiration from the 1940s Hollywood glitz and glamour, the hotel offers a sensational art collection as well as sexy, dramatic interiors that seem to have Justin hooked. Who knows, maybe you too will fall in love with the design and find inspiration to redecorate– something that over half (51%) of Canadians tend to do. Think of it as your ultimate tribute to the Biebs and his bday.

Party like JB with Beauty and a Beat

If Justin’s past birthdays are any indication of how he likes to celebrate, let’s just say it tends to be epic. Last year the Canadians pop star let the world know that he wanted to par-tay and this year should be no different. If you’re looking for an unforgettable soiree spend a night out on the town at Toronto’s Lost and Found where Justin has been spotted partying before. Wearing the history of another era on its walls, the nightclub offers a mix of top 40 and hip hop as well as a stylish atmosphere, probably what keeps the Biebs coming back.

Bank on a Leaf’s win and Never Say Never

Celebrate Bieber’s birthday in true Canadian fashion – at a hockey game. Before becoming a mega superstar, the Biebs was a talented hockey player with a true passion for the sport. Though he now only plays for fun, he’s a devoted fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. It’s not unusual to catch the Biebs cheering the Leafs on in at the Air Canada Centre. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of hockey, Justin is… and it’s his birthday.

A birthday surprise is All that Matters

What’s a birthday without a little unknown? Justin has always kept things interesting for his fans and appreciates the element of surprise. In fact, in 2016 Bieber made an unannounced visit to Toronto’s Fifth Pubhouse where he showed up alone to catch the basketball game, have some drinks and enjoy a meal. As if his presence wasn’t enough, he also hopped on the in-house piano to treat the diners to an intimate acoustic show. To commemorate his 24th, book a dinner at the pub as you never know who might walk through that door.