9 Destinations to Wake Up & Smell Your Coffee In

Whether you take a double-double, an Americano or a straight up espresso, coffee is a morning ritual enjoyed by most.

To help satisfy these caffeine cravings, our friends at revealed their top endorsed destinations for java. With over 21 million recommendations from customers,’s Passion Search is helping coffee-lovers unite and seek out the best hotspots to start their day right.

1. Melbourne, Australia

Considered to be the coffee capital of Australia, you’d be hard pressed to have a bad coffee experience here. The cobblestoned laneways in the CBD are a hive of activity with the sound of grinding coffee beans and espresso machines drowning out the morning commuters passing by.

Stay in the heart of Melbourne at Flinders Loft and be a hop, skip and a jump away from Axil Coffee Roasters to get your morning fix. You’ll be able to enjoy your coffee – while it’s still hot – back in the comfort of your four-poster bed and ease into your day in style.

2. Vienna, Austria

Vienna should be a destination high on the list of any self-proclaimed coffee aficionado. Viennese coffee house culture is listed as an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ site by UNESCO so it’s in everyone’s best interest to help preserve and protect the Austrian capital’s best-loved institutions.

No stay is complete without a visit to one of the more edgy and trendy cafes found in the Weiden district. This district is a hipster paradise and also home to a park dedicated to the founder of Vienna’s very first coffee house, Johannes Diodato. Stay at the Urbanauts to ensure your experience is on-trend and Instagram-able.

3. Rome, Italy

Espresso is the lifeblood for most Romans. Italians like their coffee strong and drunk fast. Often drinking five or more espressos a day, a ‘drink and go’ philosophy is seen at coffee bars around the city.

One of the most iconic and popular bars to visit is Sant’Eustachio Il Caffe. Serving over 6,000 coffees a day, they know a thing or two about coffee. Sip your afternoon espresso on your own private rooftop at La Maison D’Art Luxury Suite and enjoy the stunning views of the Pantheon nearby.

4. Lviv, Ukraine

This lesser known UNESCO World Heritage Site has a café culture to rival any Western European counterpart. Lviv’s relationship with coffee dates back to the late 18th century, when the Austrians arrived and helped to shape what is still today, a big part of the local history and culture.

Journey back in time by staying in a 15th century building at the Vintage Boutique Hotel located in Lviv’s historic center. You’ll be walking distance from the legendary Virmenka café, where you will be able to order an authentic coffee brewed by only Lviv recipes. Coffee connoisseurs rejoice!

5. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With the Dutch East India Company being the first spice and coffee trader in the world, it should come as no surprise that the Dutch take their coffee-drinking seriously. With countless hipster cafes and roasters setting up around the city, Amsterdam is a buzz with the sound of Arabica beans being grinded.

Recently opened The Hoxton is serving up Lot Sixty One’s finest espresso blends with your breakfast each morning. Situated in Amsterdam’s historic canal belt, indulge your addiction with views over the beautiful Herengracht watching commuters’ cycle past on their way to work.

6. Paris, France

Like all things Parisian, drinking your coffee should be done in style and away from any tourist trap. The 11th arrondissement is a hotbed of diverse, creative individuals that are seeking out hip and boutique cafes to Instagram their flat white from.

The new Café Oberkampf has quickly become a hotspot for bloggers and fashionable travelers with their finger on the pulse. Stay around the corner in a former textile factory at the stylish Hôtel Fabric.

7. Istanbul, Turkey

A delicious cup of Turkish coffee has a long history. Hundreds of years ago it was invented by the Ottomans and it’s available on every corner of Istanbul streets. The taste trick is in the preparation, so be prepared for a rich, full-bodied experience.

From the hip ‘House Café’ chain to the nostalgic ‘medieval café without a name’ located at Corlulu Alipasa Medreses – Istanbul is preparing coffee everywhere for everyone. Part of a 139-year old historical building, Hotel Miniature is a stone’s throw away from Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque.

8. Seattle, USA

Home to the largest coffee chain in the world, Starbucks, Seattle is worth a visit. Drop by the first original Starbucks at Pike Place Market and grab your favorite Frappuccino. With a rich coffee culture across all of the city you’ll likely bump into bars everywhere. Find your cup of Joe at local coffee houses and roasters in the always jazzy University District and ‘cool’ Capitol Hill.

Watertown Hotel in the University District offers you access to Seattle’s best coffee spots. The hotel also has the Pineapple Café where you can pick up your first cup in the morning before exploring.

9. Wellington, New Zealand

Wellingtonians love their coffee and with more than a dozen roasters’ within the city center, you’ll catch the aroma of roasting beans in the blustery wind. Wellington’s café scene is as diverse as its residents, from hipster hangouts, to beachside brunch spots, you won’t ever be disappointed.

The iconic institution Fidel’s is not to be missed on any visit to Wellington. Serving up Cuban coffee that comes fresh from the roastery around the corner, this lively café will deliver full flavor with a Havana flair. Stay within walking distance to the vibrant Cuba Street at the Grandiose’s Canvas Loft.

*Cuba St photo above must be attributed to Matt & Becky on Flickr. Photo listed here.