Yahoo!7 Total Travel - Ever woken up in a wine cask? The 6 wackiest stays for the adventurous traveller

Ever woken up in a wine cask? The 6 wackiest stays for the adventurous traveller

In honour of the upcoming festive season, Booking.com has compiled a list of the world’s wackiest stays. Gather your clan in a traditional igloo, sleep high in the trees or hide away in a wine cask – these are the weird and wonderful properties that you’ll never forget.


Ice, Ice Baby

Sleeping in an igloo might sound a touch uncomfortable, but Hotel Kakslauttanen debunks the myth. These cosy hollows, set amongst the majestically wintery setting, are as comfortable as they are relaxing. Experience the magical polar nights surrounded by a snow dusted landscape, cross the wilderness on a husky safari, or tuck into char-grilled fresh salmon under the starry sky. Don't forget your snow boots!


Welcome aboard the sleeper plane

Experience the high life from the comfort of the ground during your overnight stay in this former Boeing 747 jumbo jet. Wake up in the luxury suite, set inside the converted cockpit. Spend your evening with a glass of wine on the balcony, overlooking panoramic views of the runway.

Live amongst the lava fields

A thrilling destination in the midst of majestic mountains and lava fields. Soak beneath the Northern Lights, trek a challenging glacier or catch a fly fish on one of the icy rivers. Ion Luxury Adventure hotel offers you the perfect environment to unwind while staying active this holiday season.

Young at heart

Revisit childhood memories and spend a night amongst the trees in this Swedish haven. Explore this fairytale forest in its magnificent Autumn glory, or take the family on a thrilling sled ride through the glittering white landscape once Winter arrives. Add a visit to nearby reindeer pastures and enjoy a traditional Sami lunch for a truly unforgettable festive getaway.

Frozen water land

Get ready for a cable car ride to this ice hotel, located 2000m above sea level. Rooms are carved by local craftsman with ice from nearby Balea Lake, making these winter dugouts truly one-of-a-kid Reindeer fur-blankets will keep you toasty warm while you take a well-deserved nap on your ice-bed after a day on the nearby ski slopes.

Wine wake-up

A good wine is often a key ingredient for a festive gathering, but have you ever woken up inside a 14.500 litre wine cask? Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren in The Netherlands offers its guest just that, so if you're partial to the occasional glass of wine or two, put this wacky stay at the top of your list!

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