Europe/Amsterdam brings the snow to Australia as research reveals 9.5 million Aussies feel they are missing out on a magical Christmas

The festive season is officially in full swing and pictures of snowy white landscapes and candlelit dinners by the fireplace are filling our television screens and social feeds. However, Aussies are faced with a very different reality with temperatures soaring up to 40 degrees in many parts of the country. New research released today by, the global leader in connecting travellers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay has revealed that Australians are suffering from a case of ‘snow-mo’ – the fear of missing out on snow during Christmas time.

According to a nationwide survey conducted by YouGov Galaxy, it discovered almost half (42%) of Australians have never experienced a white Christmas but dream of one day being able to. Meanwhile, the equivalent of 9.5 million Aussies feel they are missing out on a ‘magical’ Christmas by living in Australia.

Over half of Aussies that feel that they are missing out on magical Christmas cite the fact it doesn’t snow here as the main reason for feeling left out as it is how they have always seen Christmas portrayed in movies growing up.

Top reasons Aussies feel like they are missing out on a magical Christmas

  • Because it doesn’t snow in Australia and that’s how Aussies have always seen Christmas being portrayed in movies growing up (51%)
  • Lack of traditional Christmas dinner by open fire (37%)
  • Don’t have the same Christmas-sy atmosphere as other countries such as the festive decorations, Christmas trees and mistletoe (36%)
  • It’s too hot to wear fun Christmas jumpers/sweaters in Australia (35%)
  • Aussies don’t have the same traditions as other countries such as sending Santa’s wish list up the fireplace (22%)

Breaking it down by state, data shows that Queensland is the region which most desires a White Christmas with almost half (47%) never experiencing one but dreaming of one day being able to, this is followed by New South Wales and Western Australia (42% respectively).

Nearly half of South Australians (49%) stated they suffer snow-mo because they can’t ski, sledge or make snowmen in the snow and 45% stated it’s because it’s too hot to wear their favourite Christmas jumpers. Queenslanders also feel strongly about not being able to wear Christmas apparel with an equal 45% keen to be sporting a cosy knit during the festive period.

To make the nation’s festive dreams come true and cure Aussies of ‘snow-mo’, is officially bringing the snow to Australia this December with a life-size White Christmas Snow Globe on Friday 14 December 2018. Filled with all the Christmas trimmings including a quintessential mountain cabin room, snow and a real-life Santa Claus inside, the snow globe will transport Aussies to the magical Christmas experience they’ve always wished for.

Tarun Naidu, spokesperson for Australia said: “The research clearly shows there is an appetite amongst Australians to experience a White Christmas and the magic of the legendary traditions that go with it. That’s why this year, we have created the White Christmas Snow Globe to bring Aussies closer than ever to that ‘picture postcard’ moment.

“With over 29 million total reported listings to choose from on, consumers can find their very own ‘Snow Globe’ on our site with options including bubble tents in Mauritius and real-life igloos in Norway. You may be entering another summer Christmas but now is the time to get inspired for your travel plans for next year and hopefully make your dream a reality.”

Details of the White Christmas Snow Globe:

Date: Friday 14 December

Time: 9am – 12pm

Where: North Cronulla Beach, Sydney

What: Meet Santa Claus, enjoy a taste of a magical Christmas with’s White Christmas Snow Globe. Perfect for a family-friendly festive activity

Cost: Free