Sushi rundt om i verden som du ikke må gå glip af

Unmissable Sushi Spots around the World

Treat your taste buds to mouth-watering sushi in time to celebrate International Sushi Day on 18 June 2018. Travelers need not travel only to Japan to savor the world’s best sushi as Booking.com, the global leader in connecting travelers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, reveals some of the top destinations across the globe endorsed for sushi by Booking.com travelers*. Japanese cuisine has taken the world by storm and, what was once considered a local delicacy, can now be found around the world. Venture to Otaru (Japan), São Paulo (Brazil), Vancouver (Canada), Düsseldorf (Germany) and Cape Town (South Africa) to dig into this renowned Japanese delicacy.

Otaru (Hokkaido), Japan
Otaru is famed for its fresh seafood, so this is an obvious contender when looking for the best sushi. Otaru’s sushi culture thrived due to its fishing port, and one of its most popular restaurants has been serving sushi to its customers for over 70 years. Other top endorsements from Booking.com travelers include city walks, scenery and romance and the top nationalities who booked in 2017 were Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese.

Where to Stay: Kuramure is a ryokan, a traditional Japanese Inn. It features spacious rooms with both modern and traditional Japanese design. Guests can also enjoy the incredible views of the forest from the hotels open-air hot-spring bath.

São Paulo, Brazil
Sao Paulo has a thriving Japanese community, the largest outside of Japan, which makes for a fantastic opportunity to try some amazing sushi during your trip. The majority of the sushi restaurants are located in the Japanese neighborhood of Liberdade, where there is also a weekly fair for purchasing local craft goods and a street food market held every weekend. Other endorsements for Sao Paulo include shopping, food and culture, plus the top nationalities who booked in 2017 were Argentinian, American and Chilean. 

Where to Stay: Bê Hotel has one of the best locations in terms of exploring all the food and shopping opportunities São Paulo has to offer, with just over a km to the upscale Patio Higienopolis shopping center.

Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver boasts over 600 sushi restaurants, and is said to have the best sushi in Canada ranging from budget meals you’ll be lining up at the door for to sushi restaurants run by some of the world’s top chefs. Omakase tasting menus are especially popular in the city’s sushi restaurants; when diners set aside their menus and allow the chef to choose every course. Canada is also where the California Roll was created by legendary chef Hidekazu Tojo. Other top endorsements for this thriving city include scenery, sightseeing and nature, plus the top nationalities who booked in 2017 were American, British and Australian.

Where to Stay: Fairmont Pacific Rim is situated in the heart of Vancouver and has everything you need for your trip away. Try delicious sushi at the hotel’s award winning sushi restaurant The Lobby Lounge RawBar, while relaxing and taking in the live musical performances.

Düsseldorf, Germany
With a population of over 6,500 Japanese, Düsseldorf has one of the largest Japanese communities in Europe with over half living in “Little Tokyo” – the area around Immermannstrasse in central Düsseldorf. With Japanese restaurants and sushi bars scattered around Düsseldorf, this is a fantastic chance to taste some authentic sushi. Other top endorsements include shopping, old towns and food, plus the top nationalities who booked in 2017 were Dutch, British and Russian.

Where to Stay: me and all hotel düsseldorf is a boutique hotel located in the famous Japanese Quartrer in the center of Düsseldorf. The River Rhine, Media Harbour and Königsalle shopping boulevard are all within a 10-minute walk and some of the city’s best sushi is just outside the door.

Cape Town, South Africa
Increasingly popular and with highly competitive prices, Cape Town’s sushi scene is worth checking out. With some of the most authentic sushi being found along the sandy beaches of Sea Point neighborhood, Cape Town has delicious sushi options for every budget. Other top endorsements include scenery, sightseeing and wine travel, plus top nationalities who booked in 2017 were German, British and Dutch.

Where to Stay: Swift Studios are located in trend Salt River in Cape Town, and are ideal if you want to visit the amazing day and night markets and sushi spots in Cape Town. In addition to this it’s perfectly located for exploring the landscape and mountains nearby. The studios also offer fully furnished kitchens, so why not try having a go at rolling your own sushi in this fully furnished kitchen.

* Methodology: the list was based on endorsements from Booking.com travelers to these destination in 2017. The destinations had to receive 200 endorsements in the category "Sushi" to be considered, and were selected on the basis of share of food endorsements.