Statement on Injunction in Turkey | March 30, 2017

We disagree with the injunction and are in the process of filing an appeal. However, always abides by local law. In complying with the injunction right now, there is no need to switch off our website for Turkish customers completely. This means that Turkish customers can continue to use our service when travelling abroad, and will continue to make Turkish accommodations available to international travelers traveling to Turkey. As an e-commerce company and technology provider, we firmly believe that we are contributing to healthy competition in the marketplace by providing Turkish consumers with a transparent and convenient platform to compare and book accommodation all over the world. We also drive valuable incremental business for more than 13,000 Turkish accommodation providers of all kinds throughout the country who partner with us and choose to list their properties on our platform. We have strong confidence in a positive outcome and hope that our Turkish customers will soon be able to enjoy our service for their domestic travel.