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Europe/Amsterdam reveals the top travel dreams of a nation in waiting

●Focus of travel dreams shifts closer to home with increased presence of domestic properties featuring in travel ‘wish lists’ created on compared to last year*

●Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Miami Beach, New York and Las Vegas -beach spots and sunny city escapes high among most wish-listed domestic destinations by Americans during coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

●Hotels most wishlisted type of property for Americans, higher than the global average

Travel might be on pause in these unprecedented times, but data from reveals that this hasn’t stopped people across the country from dreaming about its possibilities. Delving into the millions of travel wish lists created by hopeful travelers on its platform over the last two months, with properties wish listed across over 100,000 different destinations since the start of March, shares the top destinations and properties on peoples’ minds as they wait for when the time is right to travel again.


While international destinations like Bali, Andalusia, London, Florida and Paris continue to inspire travel dreams for people across the world, it’s no surprise that in-country stays feature in over half (51%) of all those wish listed globally during this time of uncertainty, a jump from the same time last year when domestic properties accounted for a third (33%) of those wish listed.

Since the start of March, the top wish-listed domestic destinations for Americans - who are among the top ten nationalities wish listing the most - are Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Miami Beach, New York and Las Vegas, suggesting that sunshine and beach escapism are at the forefront of travel imaginations, alongside the stimulation of the big city after weeks of confinement. Endorsements left for these destinations by past American travelers on suggests that their shared appeal lies in restaurants, entertainment and shopping, indicating perhaps the experiences that Americansare most excited to embrace again.

When it comes to international adventures featuring most heavily inAmericantravel dreams, it’s a similar picture with Mexican beach destinations taking centre stage alongside major European cities. Cancun tops the list, followed by Paris (France), London (UK), San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Tulum (Mexico), while Playa del Carmen (Mexico), Rome (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain) also appear strongly top of mind.

Similarly, when looking at the international countries featuring most prominently across wish lists, American imaginations are clearly gravitating towards Mexico, Italy, UK, France and Greece.

Dreaming about a change in scenery and the opportunity to enjoy a stay experience outside of their own home, the most wish-listed types of places to stay for Americans are hotels, resorts, apartments, homes and motels. Hotels account for 54% of all properties wish listed by Americans over the last two months, noticeably higher than the global average of 40%.

With a mission to make it easier for everyone to experience the world, is also offering additional encouragement to all those dreaming of travel. Simply download and sign in to the app to make a personalized wish list by ‘liking’ three accommodations between 10 and 30 June to receive a reward of a promo code worth 5% in cashback credit after stay, to use on future travel when it’s safe again.

Arjan Dijk, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at, said: “These are unprecedented and challenging times in which safety remains the top priority. We also know that in such times, dreaming about experiencing the world again has immense power to fire our imaginations and keep spirits high. It’s amazing to see the array of different travel experiences our customers have been busy dreaming about while they wait for the opportunity to travel again. Building a wish list on is an inspirational way for everyone to start dreaming about travel again, and we are committed to making it easy for them to turn those dreams into reality when the time is right.”

*Methodology: based on comparing wish list data on between March and April 2020 to the same months in 2019. Customers on can wish list properties by clicking the ‘heart’ button present onevery property’s listing on the platform.