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8 Stays to Discover Florence & Venice like Robert Langdon in "Inferno"

Professor Robert Langdon is back! In Inferno, the most recent film in the Dan Brown saga, his adventures take him to two of Italy’s most iconic cities: Florence and Venice. To help you re-create the mystery and intrigue for yourself, we've hand-picked 8 fantastic properties to help you retrace Langdon’s steps. Pack your bags and piece together the clues to have your very own cinematic experience in some of the real-life locations from the new movie starring Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones!

Clue #1: A Statue Trapped in Traffic

Location: Villa Cora

One of the first places to appear in the journey of Dan Brown’s hero in Florence is the Porta Romana. While the two main characters are stuck in a traffic jam on their way to the Art Institute, they enjoy a fantastic view of this ancient 13-century gate, as well as the famous statue by Pistoletto that stands in the centre of the square in front. To retrace Langdon’s first steps in Florence, stay at the elegant and refined Villa Cora

In Langdon’s Shoes

Like all art and architecture lovers, the world’s most famous professor of symbology could not help being charmed by the beauty of this historic 19th-century building that is surrounded by a beautiful park. Featuring a stunning outdoor swimming pool and perfectly located to visit the nearby Boboli Gardens (another important stop for all Inferno fans), this aristocratic mansion features a restaurant, a bistro, a cigar room, two bars and a wonderful roof terrace. For extra luxury, make a visit to the spa and prepare to be seduced by the intricate decor of this little jewel of a palace.


Clue #2: A Mysterious Parcel

Location: Hotel Brunelleschi

This elegant, historic hotel is located in a restored Byzantine tower and medieval church overlooking the Florence Cathedral (Duomo), and (according to the novel) features Robert Langdon himself among its guests. The hotel is situated in a pedestrian area that’s not far from Santa Maria Novella Train Station, and is surrounded by popular shops and cafés, just a 5-minute walk from the famous Uffizi Gallery.

In Langdon’s Shoes

Explore the small museum and the Pagliazza Tower (dating back to the 6th or 7th century), including finds from Roman and Lombard times. Look for hidden messages among these precious artifacts saved from oblivion and then take a moment to ponder your discoveries with a delicious cocktail at the stylish Tower Bar, or just be inspired by view over the Duomo from the terrace. Even the most talented minds need some food for thought, so you’ll be in luck with two tantalising restaurants to choose from in order to replenish your energy before heading on to your next clue...


Clue #3: The “Pensione” That Never Was

Location: Leone Blu - Residenza d'Epoca

When Langdon receives a call from Mr. Collins (the American consulate clerk asking to reveal his location in Florence), he decides to buy some time by saying that he is staying at Pensione La Fiorentina. While this small property doesn’t actually exist, Florence is host to many charming B&Bs and guest houses that provide a cozy atmosphere with an extra touch of class.

In Langdon’s Shoes

Symbols are everywhere at Leone Blu - Residenza d’Epoca, as it’s situated in a 15th-century medieval building that offers luxury suites with hardwood floors and either coffered or frescoed ceilings. Door handles in the shape of golden lions, Tuscan coat of arms, inscriptions, ancient maps and precious marble elements abound. Every little detail of this property would certainly be the object of admiration and further study by Langdon.


Clue #4: The Resting Place of the Muse

Location: Casa di Dante Roof Terrace

Dante Alighieri is a key character of Inferno, so what better way for Langdon to dive into his secrets than with a stay at this charming property named after the greatest Italian poet? Situated 100 metres from the Piazza della Signoria, this air-conditioned apartment features free WiFi, a spa bath and a terrace.

In Langdon’s Shoes

The enchanting Florentine decor of this apartment inspire your musings over the hidden hints of the Dante’s Divine Comedy. Relax in the spa bath before preparing a hearty lunch or dinner in the fully equipped kitchen. Then get ready to hit the streets, heading to Santa Maria dei Cerchi (Dante and Beatrice’s church) where an important find awaits you.


Clue #5: A Name with a Story

Location: Venice Halldis Apartments

As their quest unfolds, Langdon and Sienna leave Florence and arrive in Venice by train. They get off at the famous Santa Lucia railway station, just like many visitors to La Serenissima (as the city is also called) do every day. If you want to stay close to this gateway to the city, the spacious Venice Halldis Apartments offer all the comforts of a perfect home away from home, with modern design and fabulous facilities.

In Langdon’s Shoes

Sit on the terrace and dive into the story of Santa Lucia (the saint to whom the station owes its name) using the great free WiFi at the property.’s guests have rated the connection with an impressive 9.8 out of 10, so it’s a great place to catch up on your research! Has all that studying helped you work up an appetite? No worries, as all of the apartments here have top-notch kitchen facilities, including a microwave, a toaster, a coffee machine and a kettle--everything a hungry adventurer needs.


Clue #6 : A Walk on Water

Location: Hotel Danieli

Overlooking the Venice lagoon, Hotel Danieli is a legendary hotel located just 200 metres from the iconic St. Mark's Square. This award-winning Luxury Collection Hotel consists of three separate buildings dating back to the 14th, 19th, and 20th centuries, all connected by covered bridges. Professor Langdon stayed at this property on a field trip to Venice, and in the book, the location also introduces a digression into the history of the Bridge of Sighs.

In Langdon’s Shoes

Admire the pure Venetian luxury of the entrance hall and reception area, gleaming with a thousand golden reflections and enriched by Murano glass, intricate details, marble and tapestries. Looking for hidden messages? Observe the the portraits of Venetian artist Ermolao Paoletti in the Royal Suite del Doge Dandolo, or the majestic sculptures of the fireplace at Bar Dandolo.


Clue #7: A Message from the Divine Comedy

Location: Liassidi Wellness Suites

After a day roaming through the canals and narrow streets of Venice following clues, you will simply love coming back to your room to relax in your own private Turkish bath or sensory shower with colour therapy. You’ll also enjoy a good night’s sleep in a super-comfy suite with restorative canal, city or garden views. You’ll need all your resources and energy to crack the message near the entrance gate of the Arsenale.

In Langdon’s Shoes

You can brush up on your knowledge of the Divine Comedy in the serene setting of the private garden while you enjoy a delicious breakfast. You won’t have to lift a finger here, as the private butler service will cater to your every need and guarantee that your stay is simply perfect.


Clue 8: The Horses of Saint Mark’s Basilica

Location: Baglioni Hotel Luna


Just steps away from Saint Mark's Square, the 5-star Baglioni Hotel Luna offers impressive interiors with original frescoes and stunning views across the lagoon. This aristocratic palazzo features an award-winning restaurant, a stylish cafè and rooms and suites decorated in the typical Venetian style. It’s the perfect location to discover one of Inferno’s turning points: Saint Mark’s Basilica and the museum containing the four bronze horses of Constantinople.


In Langdon’s Shoes

Opt for a suite with a lagoon view so you can peer out over Saint Mark’s Basin and ponder the secrets treasured by the Basilica. Start the day with a luxurious breakfast in the elaborate atmosphere of the Marco Polo Ballroom, completely decorated with 18th-century frescoes before boarding a water taxi (or a gondola perhaps) just outside the hotel’s front door. You are about to make a great discovery!