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2023 Is The Year Of The Savvy Traveler: Shares The When, The Where And The How Of Smart Travel Savings

With a background of global economic uncertainty, budgets will be key in 2023. But despite the upheaval, the good news is that our new research reveals that nearly seven in ten (68%)* travelers will continue to prioritize their vacations, but will be seeking more bang for their buck, with more than half (53%) planning to be even thriftier than in the past on their travels. 

While the majority of travelers (53%) already consider themselves frugal when it comes to their vacation finances, it’s those in Thailand (73%), India (69%) and China (65%) who believe they’re the savviest of savers. Globally, over three in five (63%) are set to plan their travel budget more tightly and take advantage of deals, hacks and smartly-timed travel. With this in mind, is sharing tips for helping travelers save in order to splurge when it comes to travel in the year ahead.

The when: 

There are opportunities to save both when it comes to when to book and when to travel.  2023 will see millennials planning more last minute trips (53%) whilst older generations will take comfort in planning ahead as the best opportunity to get a good deal (Gen X 60% and Baby Boomers 54%). Last minute deal-hunters can make the most of’s Late Escape Deals. Discounts start at 15 percent at participating properties indicated by the “Late Escape Deals'' badge, and are valid for stays with check-out on or before 3 January 2023.

There’s deals to be had for those with well-timed trips too. Not only is a midweek getaway one of the best opportunities to grab a deal, but can also be a savvy way to avoid the crowds. Those looking for a peaceful, penny-pinching break will enjoy the quieter pace and, as there’s less demand, travelers are more likely to save on their stay. 

The where: 

This year will see the impact of extreme seasons also merge into where travelers decide to explore, with just under half (48%) claiming that climate change will impact the way they plan their vacations. Whilst some will look to get creative with their journeys by planning longer routes or considering off-season destinations (53%) to make their money stretch further. 

Those travelers looking to getaway could consider cheaper options during the destination's shoulder-season, by visiting’s 2023 Trending Destinations at less expected times. If visiting Bolzano, Italy, travelers could visit in April for a sunny stroll amongst the vineyards without the summer rush, or in October for travelers seeking the wintry scenery of the nearby Dolomites but making the most of the quieter pistes. Those visiting Querétaro, Mexico could consider booking in its rainy season’s closing months of September to October rather than its drier, but pricier months.  

The how: 

Booking everything in one place not only helps to streamline the experience, but can also be a great way to maximize on loyalty schemes and deals on offer when booking too. A proven tactic for the 60% of travelers who will optimize their app and loyalty schemes for their 2023 travels. Using’s loyalty program, Genius, members can unlock new levels and get access to a lifetime of discounts and travel rewards that never expire. All travelers have to do is sign into their account and look for the Genius logo to identify benefits, discounts and perks.

With a little know-how (know-when & know-where) 2023 can be the year that savvy savers continue to prioritize travel but are more mindful than ever to make the most of their getaway budget.

*Travel Predictions 2023 research commissioned by and conducted among a sample of adults who plan to travel for business or leisure in the next 12-24 months. In total 24,179 respondents across 32 countries and territories were polled (including 1014 from Argentina, 1006 from Australia, 505 from Austria, 504 from Belgium, 1009 from Brazil, 503 from Canada, 1009 from China, 1010 from Colombia, 505 from Croatia, 505 from Denmark, 1010 from France, 1001 from Germany, 500 from Hong Kong, 1005 from India, 504 from Ireland, 504 from Israel, 1008 from Italy, 1003 from Japan, 504 from Mexico, 502 from The Netherlands, 1007 from New Zealand, 1009 from Portugal, 507 from Singapore, 1008 from South Korea, 1001 from Spain, 505 from Sweden, 508 from Switzerland, 500 from Taiwan, 504 from Thailand, 1006 from the UK, 1009 from the US and 504 from Vietnam). Respondents completed an online survey in August 2022.